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Happy New Year to all!

Our best wishes for a great 2016 to all of our readers. (Getting this out a bit early so we can start celebrating.)

And thanks once again to the great folks over at M.E. Labs! They've picked up the Cool Reads tab 5 weeks in a row. That certainly deserves checking out their site!

That's it, Enjoy!
Designing with Efficiency in Mind
Designing with Efficiency in Mind

It's difficult to ignore the 'go green' mantra that's sweeping through the media and permeating virtually every industry. With my new meter, moving from appliance to appliance and from device to device was an education in energy use.

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Which Way Does Current Really Flow_
Which Way Does Current Really Flow?

If you ask several electronic engineers, technicians, scientists, or professors which way current in an electrical circuit flows, some will tell you that it flows from the negative terminal of a supply through a load to the positive terminal of the supply. Others will tell you just the opposite, that current actually flows from the plus side of the voltage source to the minus.
Learning Systems for PICs
Learning Systems for PICs

This is an educational learning system - not just another experimenter board -  for all levels of programming from beginner to expert.
Learn the fundamental concepts of programming, from plain-English descriptions of software tools to concepts including program flow, loops, coding techniques, binary manipulation, device-to-device communication, user-interface design, and more.
14 Lessons use a building-block approach to teach you incrementally, from a six-line program to a working user-interface.
Tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming.
M.E. Labs
All necessary hardware and software included, all you need is a computer with a standard USB port.
Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 32
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

We've learned how to create an open source project on Google Code using avrtoolbox as an example. We also learned how to manage the software versions using TortoiseSVN. This time, we'll look at the design philosophy for avrtoolbox, and a project C coding and documenting style guide.  
Security Electroncis
Security Electronics Systems And Circuits - Part 3
This installment focuses on contact-operated security circuits such as a simple push-button switch, a pressure-pad switch, or a magnetically-activated reed switch, etc. The security circuit's output may take the form of some type of alarm-sound generator, or relay that can activate any external electrical device, and may be designed to give non-latching, self-latching, or one-shot output operation.
Fritzing For Inventors
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Fritzing for Inventors
Take Your Electronics Project from Prototype to Product

Ever wonder how to use this set of free, open-source, electronics prototyping tools to lay out breadboards, create schematics, and design professional-quality PCBs?  Whether you're a hobbyist, artist, inventor, or student, you'll be able to develop a product from schematic to prototype to professional-quality printed circuit board, all from one easy-to-use software package. No engineering skills needed!

Fritzing works well with prototyping boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone. 
  • Use a solderless breadboard to prototype your projects
  • Read and create schematic diagrams
  • Design a PCB, get it fabricated, and solder components onto it
  • Use Fritzing to build an Arduino shield
  • Create and modify parts and add them to the Fritzing parts bin
  • Test your project's reliability and functionality
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