Happy Wednesday!

This edition of the Weekly Scoop is all about travel!

Each year we visit Maine and his family this time of the year. The leaves are absolutely breathtaking, and it's not even peak here yet. I told my husband today that I think we are so blessed. We are able to spend fall in Maine during September and October and then come back to Charlotte and have an extended fall through November. While the leaves in Maine are so pretty, Charlotte's fall and our leaves honestly a close second. Not to mention our NC mountains.

Our travel by car this year was uneventful. Even with Covid. We wore our masks, stayed 6 feet away from others and washed our hands constantly. We had no issues.

I actually took a quick trip back by plane to Charlotte in the middle of our two month stay and had no issues. Everyone was very respectful of everyone else. I even offered my hand sanitizer to my row mates. And they took me up on it. Everyone is always up for more hand sanitizer.

Fall is a perfect time of the year for travel! There are plenty of places to go and still be safe within a few hours away from Charlotte.

And for those of you who like to travel a bit further away, a number of countries just opened for travel.

Do you plan your own trips or do you use a travel agent? I have used a travel agent for some of my international travel and it really does make it easier. How does that work? What are the benefits? How are they paid? We'll cover that in this newsletter.

Check out all of the topics we cover:

  • Weekend (or longer) Getaways to NC, SC and MO
  • Countries Now Open for Travel
  • How Travel Agents Get Paid
  • Travel Agents in Charlotte
  • Book Your Pet Sitting Now!

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Happy travels!
Terry Richardson

PS: Forward to your friends and families.
Weekend (or longer) Getaways
5 hours 55 minutes
2 hours 12 minutes
3 hours 32 minutes
3 hours 8 minutes
3 hours 25 minutes
13 hours 36 minutes

With lockdowns ending around the world, many countries have started to ease border restrictions and reopen for international tourists. 

Here's the complete list of countries that are reopening for tourism.

Information is changing at a rapid pace so be sure to check back often to find out what is going on in your favorite travel destination!
How Travel Agents Get Paid
A generation ago, in the heyday of the travel agent, fees and commissions were plentiful. There was no Internet, so planning a trip was definitely not just a click away. Travel agents could probably get away with charging you a fee and rake in commission as well booking your vacation. And, unlike today, airplane tickets were the big money. But, in the 1990s, airlines dropped commissions to travel agents as technological advances meant people could very easily book their own tickets and trips over the phone or the Internet and actual paper tickets became a thing of the past. 

As Internet accessibility became the norm and travelers could shop, book and pay for travel themselves online, the life of the agent became a bit more difficult—to say the least.

But the Internet hasn’t wiped travel agents off the planet just yet—in fact, quite the opposite. The pendulum is swinging back in their favor as a new generation of travelers realizes that the travel agent still provides people with the same thing that they were looking for all those many years ago—value and convenience.

But without their enormous commissions, how do agents get paid? Can travel agents make any money?

  • Commissions
  • Service Fees
Travel Agents in Charlotte
Their connections and relationships to the best travel providers in the world help them create unforgettable experiences for all of their clients. 
April Powers is your single point of contact throughout your entire experience. While she has an entire support staff to back her up, she promises to work directly with you at all times.
Nada’s Italy Tours is a boutique travel company that focuses on creating experiences that connect people.
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