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23 July 2019
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Welcome new John 17 Weekend alumni!

Come pray with us!
Starting on August 6, we will be hosting a monthly unity prayer meeting at the J17 Ministries office! It will take place at 4:00 - 5:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month. When you arrive at the Center of Opportunity ( map), simply stop by the front welcome desk to let them know you are headed to J17 Ministries; they will direct you on how to get to our office.

Doubling your investment
We have already received $1515 (or 30%) in recent gifts which has been matched by a generous donor! We would love to see all of the $5000 grant used, and are praying for 15 new partners, committing to give at least $25/month. One-time gifts and monthly commitments for other amounts are of course welcome. How will you invest in Jesus' John 17 prayer?
Invest i n Jesus' John 17 prayer
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Collaboration Corner
A Modern-Day Miracle
Tasha Campbell
Community Liaison, J17 Ministries
"Think about the last time you were involved in a collaborative effort with someone else. If your experiences are anything like my own, for however many people were involved in the planning of the event, there were at least that many opinions about how to do it! Now I want you to imagine coordinating with forty other people!"

READ MORE about the incredible endeavor known as John 17 Weekends, and all of the servant leadership that goes into making it happen.
The Donkey-Elephant War
"War is politics by other means...

Like other wars, both sides in America’s political war are striving desperately to win. “Both sides” refers
to the Donkey (Democrats) and the Elephant (Republicans). But unlike other wars, if the battle continues in its present form, there will be no winners. Only losers. And the list of losers is legion and growing."

READ MORE from the first blog post in preparation for a new book, The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War.

Calling volunteers! Additional help is needed to make this blog (and its book counterpart) a reality. If you, or someone you know, might be interested, please check out the different opportunities HERE.

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John 17 Weekends
72-Hour Prayer Vigil
Women's weekend: July 25-28

Sign up as part of the 72-hour vigils covering the women's John 17 Weekend. Pray for spiritual protection and covering for all attending. May we be faithful to pray without ceasing.
4Tucson Church of the Week
Week of July 21
Revelation Church
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