Is it a pair of goggles?
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The main purpose of a goggle is to protect your eyes from flying snow and ice crystals. But they also allow you to see definitions in the snow better. So why the big difference in price?

There are 4 components to a goggle;
  1. the strap
  2. the frame
  3. the foam
  4. and the lens

The strap. Besides graphics and width, look for a bead of silicone on the inside of the strap. This helps keeps the strap from sliding up and down on your helmet. Also, look for a dual adjustment clip. When you have a single adjust clip, the helmet clip sometimes interferes.

The frame. You should always wear the largest frame that fits your face. This allows you to have the best peripheral vision. Normally large frames fit large faces while small frames fit small faces best. But make sure the foam seals around your face so you have no air gaps and they are comfortable. And while all goggles are helmet compatible, some frame shapes fit some helmets better.

The foam. The foam allows air to circulate helping with anti fogging. Most goggles have just one layer of foam. But better goggles have two or three layers of foam. The different layers allow for a better seal and help wick away perspiration for comfort.

The lens. We saved the most important for last. Almost all goggle lens are double lens and have IR and UV protection. All have anti-fog treatment but more expensive goggles bake the coating on which offers better anti fogging and lasts longer.

Then you have a cylindrical or spherical shape lens. A flat cylindrical lens is less expensive because its simpler to manufacture. But a spherical lens offers less distortion because it has the same roundness of your eyes.

Then the big question. What lens tint do you get? A dark lens is best for sunny days. A lighter shade is best for low light or snow storms. A clear lens is best for night time. So you should have more than one goggle, each with a different lens tint. Or get a goggle with an interchangeable lens and have one for bright light, and one for low light.

And you have another option, a goggle with a photochromic lens . This is truly a one lens does all light conditions because the lens changes tint automatically. The sunnier it gets, the darker the lens gets. The cloudier it gets, the lighter the tint.
While goggle lens are replaceable, an interchangeable lens can be swamped out usually in seconds.
A goggle with a photochromic lens changes tint automatically so one lens can handle all day time light conditions.
There's one more option you could consider. A helmet visor combination. This option offers the best in comfort, visibility, convenience, and it looks really cool.
So while there are more differences in goggles, we touched on the most important. Stop by the store if you want more information. Thanks for reading.
Even though people refer to goggles as a pair, there is no pair of goggles. It's just a goggle. Unlike reading glasses which have two lens, a goggle only has one lens.
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