Pheno Forecasts

Pheno Forecasts can help you anticipate when insect pests will be active in your area. Please share your feedback by replying to this email or leaving feedback on our website .
Report your sightings!
You can help validate and improve the USA-NPN's Pheno Forecasts by contributing your observations to Nature's Notebook via the Pest Patrol campaign !

Submit observations of pests six times in a year and you can earn the Pest Patrol badge featured at right.

We have new Phenophase Photo Guides to help you make observations on insect pests, such as this one for gypsy moth . Find them linked from the table on our Pest Patrol landing page.
What are you reporting so far?
Observers are reporting on seven insect pests so far this year at 17 sites represented as dots on the map below. Colors of the dots correspond to the pest species across the top; darker dots represent sites with more observations.
Observers have reported all life cycle stages of hemlock woolly adelgid so far this year in the Northeast. Observers started reporting active adults and feeding in January and eggs in April.
Observers also reported active eastern tent caterpillars and caterpillars in tents in Tennessee.
Kathy Gerst