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FL-D series or D-HFA series?

United Enertech’s FL-D and D-HFA series fixed louvers offer high-performance and protection from water intrusion for openings in the exterior walls of buildings. And while both have some similar benefits, choosing the correct sized louver for your application can ensure you have the right protection and the right-priced product.

Here are some key points when selecting and sizing fixed louvers and a comparison of our D-HFA and FL-D series louvers to help with your next project!

Selecting and Sizing Fixed Louvers

Three Things to Consider

  • Square Feet of Free Area
  • Free Area Velocity at beginning point of water penetration - Measured in Feet Per Minute (FPM)
  • Pressure Drop (loss) - Measured in Inches of Water Gauge (inches W.G.)

The Magic Formula

Air Volume (CFM) / Free Area (SQ. FT.) = Free Area Velocity (FPM)

D-HFA Series


  • More economical price point
  • More free area with 60% Free Area


  • D-HFA-4 (4” Deep Alum.) VIEW
  • D-HFA-6 (6” Deep Alum.) VIEW

FL-D Series


  • Better performance for water penetration

Drainable Models

  • FL-D-2 (2” Deep Alum.) VIEW
  • FL-D-4 (4” Deep Alum. ) VIEW
  • FL-D-6.1 (6” Deep Alum.) VIEW

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