Vol. 5 Issue 4, May 27, 2020
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In this week's edition: Who;s hiring in Hamilton during COVID-19?; Will COVID transform the Economy?; Labour Market Trends in Ontario; Reinventing Careers during COVID-19; Hamilton LMI - April 2020
Who's Hiring in Hamilton During COVID-19?

New job board provides opportunities for businesses and job seekers
With support from the city’s Economic Development Office we are sharing a new platform for Hamilton businesses and their local employment needs. During these unprecedented times there is a desire for real-time information on job opportunities across many sectors in our city.

The job board will be available during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be active based on business needs. We ask that you please visit the site, submit your hiring opportunities and please share with your networks. 

Will COVID Transform the Economy & Interrupt all Businesses?
With COVID impacting the whole world we’re emerging from this crisis with an even greater desire to harness smart technologies, new forms of intelligence and vast pools of data to transform pretty much everything we do. COVID did not crush the future. It merely brought it forward.

Yes, the novel coronavirus of 2019 has unleashed a massive global recession – but it’s also unleashing waves of innovation as we all change the way we work, shop, eat and travel.

A financial report by RBC reveals major trends underway in the world, and pinpoint the possibilities for savvy business operators, investors and innovator.

What's Happening In The Labour Market?
The following report shows employment data by occupation for the month of April but also includes data over the last two months. It focuses on Ontario level data from the Labour Force Survey.

Overall, the data shows the Ontario labour market had dramatic deterioration due to the economic lock-downs and with certain occupations seeing massive job losses.
Skill Level

Skill level C saw the largest declines in employment over the past two months. This is related to large decreases in Accommodation and food services and Retail trade. This past month also saw a decrease of skill level-B type jobs. This is most likely related to large declines in the Manufacturing and Construction sectors. Skill-level A jobs slightly increased in April which is likely attributed to the increase in Professional occupations in health care (NOC 31).

The below chart shows the month-to-month employment changes by skill level measured by the 1000's.
Temporary Jobs

Of the job losses over the last two months temporary jobs have declined at a faster rate than permanent jobs. The majority of job loses are still permanent jobs (80%) but that is because before the economic shutdown they made up even higher share of all jobs (90%).  
Most Job Losses

The following are the top 10 occupations that saw the largest declines over the last two months. Sales representatives and salespersons - wholesale and retail trade saw the largest declines over the last two months, decreasing by 119,400 jobs. Many of the top declines are sales related jobs.

Industrial and electrical trades saw large declines in employment this past month. This is related to the declines seen in Manufacturing and Construction.
Reinventing Your Career During COVID-19
How do we balance the pressing need to ensure basic survival – of our families and firms – with what may well be a growing urge to do something new after this crisis has subsided?

A few simple principles can help those living through hard times continue to focus on reinventing their careers.

Hamilton Labour Force Information:
April 2020

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Hamilton, Hamilton Economic Development, and the Flamborough and Stoney Creek Chambers of Commerce, are closely monitoring and assessing new developments pertaining to COVID-19, as well as its impacts on Hamilton business.

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