Vol. 9, Issue 2, September 13, 2018
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In this week's edition: Interested in local labour market information? Review our many publications; Read about how a global talent shortage will threaten economic growth; What post-Millennials are saying about work
WPH publications provide up to date Labour Market Information
You are invited to visit Workforce Planning Hamilton's site to review our recent projects and reports that provide timely labour market information for employers and job seekers.

One recent report is Moving with the Times: A guide to employment opportunities through the LRT, which was published in June 2018.

The LRT is an exciting project for Hamilton and will create many jobs during its planning, construction and operating stages. Full career guides are provided for 20 of the most in-demand occupations for the LRT.

In March 2018 WPH released Under Pressure: Skilled Trades in Hamilton. Listed is local labour market information to help job seekers understand the opportunities in the skilled trades.

Occupational profiles on the skilled trades occupations that show the strongest employment demands are featured. The profiles are a great first step for job seekers.

Please visit our site, under Publications to see a full list of our many projects.

A global talent shortage threatens growth

If unaddressed, the global talent shortage could see 85 million jobs go unfilled over the next 12 years, according to a study.

And the shortage could amount to $11 trillion in unrealized revenue across the world, concluded Global Talent Crunch by consulting firm Korn Ferry.

“Right now, companies are feeling the pain, but they don’t feel it with the level of intensity that they should,” said Alan Guarino, vice-chairman of Korn Ferry’s CEO and board services in New York.

“Many CEOs are sleepwalking their way into a crisis. Unfortunately, until they feel the pain and the burning building, they may not give it the level of intensity it needs. 

Developed markets will be hardest hit by talent shortages, with Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the United States facing the largest threat.

The voice of Generation Z: What post-Millennials are saying about work
Rainmaker Thinking recently surveyed 4,093 respondents regarding their eight "dream" job factors.

Supportive leadership, positive relationships at work and scheduling flexibility were the top three most important factors to consider in a job.

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