While You Are Home
March 31, 2020 A Periodic Publication From Trinity School at Meadow View
Consider This At Home
Our 12th grade art students this past week worked on drawing one of their hands from life. The purpose is twofold: to help them better draw the hands on their figure drawings of some of the master artists they are copying, and to highlight the difference between drawing from life vs. drawing from a photograph. Drawing from life is harder and a good exercise in how to see things. Also, you can't beat having a live model even if that model is you!
All students at Trinity take four years of studio art, four years of music, two years of drama, and two years of art history. Our art courses focus on copying masterworks from the great Western art tradition and developing artistic skills that will last a lifetime. 

Right now our students are working from home, developing their artistic appreciation and skill, and growing in their love of all that is good, true, and beautiful.

We'll continue to share with you some of what our students will be doing in the coming weeks in the hope that we can bring some of our rich curriculum to you.
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