While You Are Home
A Periodic Publication From Trinity School at Meadow View
Consider This At Home
Our ninth and tenth graders will pick one piece of music a week from a playlist developed by the faculty. They have been asked to listen to the piece at least twice a day for three days in a row. After that, they'll write a short, half-page reflection on what they noticed, liked, or disliked about the music. They might comment on the instruments they hear, the dynamics, tempo, or texture of the piece, the form the music takes, and how it affects them.

We invite you and your family to try this at home. This week's music piece.
Beauty is never an afterthought at Trinity School. It takes its proper place alongside the true and the good. We want our students to be able to recognize beauty but also come to love the beautiful wherever they encounter it, whether in science, mathematics, art history, or poetry.

Although our students will not be attending classes on campus for the remainder of this school year, we are working diligently to help them continue to cultivate their intellect and grow in appreciation of all that is good, true, and beautiful.

We'd like to bring to your home some of what our students will be doing in the coming weeks in the hope that we can share some of our rich curriculum with you.
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