While The World Celebrates...
We Listen For A Trumpet!

Can The King's Coming Be Far Off?

Now, More Than Ever, the Mission Must Continue!

During this, our most important week of fundraising each year, we are simply trusting the Lord to meet every need to propel us ahead
into 2017.

We are praying you will join us or increase your commitment to both pray and support Take A Stand! Ministries.

Together with our friends and partners, we are continuing to stand for truth and give people reasons for faith. I cannot describe the urgency I sense that prophetic, end-time events are about to speed up dramatically. To carefully make the most of every opportunity and every moment available to us has become our daily goal here.

This is exactly why we have dedicated so much time and capital in  2016 to planning, preparing, and now executing the vision for Take A Stand TV. Along with the Take A Stand Seminar series, our website, producing various faith building and challenging materials, and our partnership on radio with Jan Markell and Olive Tree Ministries we are using every means available to communicate biblical truth in these troubling times.

The Occult has now captivating millions of homes and hearts. The New Age Movement has expanded its grip on the culture. Secular humanism has released a vitriolic and foul spirit upon our land. Islam and the Pope's  Romanism are now accepted as spiritually equal in many of America's pulpits. And all of this while "tolerant" Political Correctness now fuels protests aimed at silencing opposition voices who dare exercise free speech on our university campus' or in our city streets. This is not to even mention the theological disarray found coast to coast and around the globe in once-sound churches and institutions. Can the King's coming be far off? Yet no trumpet sounds and we wait.

All of this makes it apparent to me why the Lord connected us with Aneko Press over a year ago when they asked me to update and re-write
my book with David Benoit on Personal Victory and Spiritual Warfare,
Disarming the Powers of Darkness . It's a resource like this that Believers are going to need in the days ahead. The book release is set for January but I have copies now and I'd be privileged to autograph this hardbound resource for those of you willing to invest $100 or more in this special year-end fundraising project. Yes, you can indeed purchase the book in our online bookstore for far less, but I'm hoping that you'll support the work of Take A Stand regardless of any premium offer we might make. Disarming the Powers of Darkness will be a resource you'll refer to often and your special gift to our work now will help allow us to minister effectively without overt concern for fundraising in the near future.

As I close, we understand that the answer for the dilemma this world is
facing is quite elementary. It is all about surrender to the Word of God. However, as simple as that may sound, the task of breaking free from the world's grip and resisting Satan's lures will  become only m ore difficult for
those who mistakenly desire "comfortable religion" and the  worldly traps that beckon people from every dark corner.

It is for the souls of men and for a much needed refreshing of conviction and repentance in the hearts of Christia n s that I ask: Will you take your stand with us and invest a gift now?

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