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A strong stone of spiritual attunement, turquoise seems to be carved from the azure sky and dropped to earth. The tranquil color of the stone is enough to lure us into a world of magic   Read More 

About Turquoise

Turquoise is an opaque gemstone most famous for its blue green color. It has been beloved for thousands of years, and has been found in Egyptian tombs dating to 4,000 BCE. Despite its long history, the name "turquoise" is relatively new, dating only as far as the 16  th  century. At this time, the gemstone came to Europe through the country of Turkey. The French word "turques" eventually became "turquoise."  Read More

Varieties of Turquoise

The pure and radiant blue colored turquoise is considered to be the most highly sought after. They are highly esteemed. The more the color is towards the greenish side, the more blotchy and irregular the matrix. As a result the stone's quality becomes much lower. Most of the world's turquoise comes from the southwestern United States, Egypt, Mexico, Iran, China and Chile.   Read More

Turquoise Care

Turquoise is light stable, making it safe to wear by day or under strong artificial lighting. Excessive heat may dry out the stone, leading to discoloration. When storing turquoise, it's best to place it away from radiators, bright windows or other places that may become too hot. Wrapping the jewels in tissue paper or cloth to discourage scratches is also recommended.   Read More

- Ask Valentin -

Since 1976 I have been Designing and Creating Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most talented and educated gemstone cutters throughout the world. The sourcing of these gemstones is one of the many facets in the process of creating and executing Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry. This extensive network enables us to find the desired gemstone whether it is a unique Semi-precious Gemstone, a brilliant Ruby or Sapphire or a diamond no matter the size. We respect any and all requests irrespective of size or budget.
Our in house staff of highly skilled craftspeople; specialists in metal work and wax carving, model makers,  jewelers, setters, polishers, CAD design assistants, stone management specialists and quality control all  contribute in a team effort which affords us the opportunity to manufacture all our work in our own studio/atelier in the heart of New York of which we are most proud. Although many will claim their studio is full service, in reality there are only a few who can complete all the above mentioned aspects in the manufacturing of Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry.
We invite you to contact us with any of your jewelry related questions or requests. In addition to the repairing of your jewelry or the restringing of your pearls, we welcome your thoughts regarding designing new jewelry or updating your older pieces. All inquiries will be acknowledged and answered in a timely manner.

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