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February 9, 2017.

Despite the recent warm weather, we're reminded that we are still in the midst of winter with Winter Storm Niko expected to cause heavy snowfall and dangerous conditions throughout the Boston and surrounding areas. While we encourage safety and limiting unnecessary travel during this time, there are several exciting exhibitions to visit when the weather conditions improve. This week, we're covering The Hood Museum at Dartmouth College, Newport Art Museum and Fruitlands Museum with exhibits that both engage and challenge viewers. Don't forget to check out the upcoming event we're sponsoring, Fresh, at the Rocky Neck Art Colony through March 12. Additionally, our 11th Anniversary March/April 2017 issue will be here shortly. Click here for additional advertising information.

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Bahar Behbahani: Let the Garden Eram Flourish at The Hood Museum at Dartmouth College
in Hanover, New Hampshire now through March 12

                   "Adorned with Pillars" by Bahar Behbahani

The Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College is pleased to present artist Bahar Behbahani. After her first visit to the United States from Iran in 2003, Bahar traveled between Tehran and the United Stated before permanently locating to New York in 2007 where she currently resides. Let The Garden Eram Flourish is on view now through March 12 and features paintings, installations and videos that capture the "psychogeography of place and memory." Using both historical references and personal memory, Behbahani creates work that is not only reflective but is challenging for both herself and an audience. "I'm hoping my work raises questions without clear answers. I'm very interested in challenging our perceptions." Rather than creating a utopian fantasy or confirming an orientalism that the Western world hopes for in the gardens. Incorporating eastern, Persian and Iranian aesthetic traditions are all found within Behbahani's work as well as mirage, structures, memory, fantasy and the power of imagination, Using layers of paint and mixed media, each piece certainly gives off the feel of a garden, while leaving room for various forms of interpretation and space to question the piece. Bahar Behbahani's work can be found nationally and internationally, including New York, Hawaii, Florida, California, Texas and Washington D.C. as well as Iran, China, Bulgaria, Australia, Norway, France, Italy, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Bahar Behbahani: Let The Garden Eram Flourish is on view at the Hood Museum at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire now through March 12. For more information on the exhibition click here.

Sponsored by: Encaustic Art Feb 9 - March 25, 2017 at Francesca Anderson Fine Art, Galatea Fine Art, David Dauer at ColoColo Gallery, Excavation: Work by Gerry Bergstein at Maud Morgan Fine Arts Chandler Gallery, The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery, Artscope Newsstand Tablet Edition, Solomon's Collection and Fine Rugs, Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons College, Bennington Museum, The Brush Art Gallery Calls For Entry, The Foster Gallery Artist in Residence Program, The Harvard Museum of Natural History and Art League Rhode Island Call For Art

Encaustic Art
Feb 9 - March 25, 2017
At Francesca Anderson Fine Art

Walzer, SH, "Sprite" 22x28

Goldfinger, "Girl with Options"

13 artists from New England are showing their encaustic paintings and sculpture from the book Encaustic Art in the Twenty First Century written by Anne Lee and Ashley Rooney Kim Bernard, ME; Barb Cone, MA; Linda Cordner, MA; Angel Dean, RI; Jennifer Goldfinger, MA; Sharon Ligorner, MA; Carol Odell, MA; Beverly Ripple, MA; Tracy Spadafora, MA; Felicia Touhey, RI; Sirarpi Heghinnian Walzer, MA; Kellie Weeks, MA; and Charyl Weissback, MA

Come to the Gallery Party Sat. Feb 9 ~4pm - 6pm

Francesca Anderson Fine Art
56 Adams St, Lexington, Massachusetts.

Gallery Hours
Wed - Sat 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm- 5:00pm
781 862.0660

Galatea Fine Art heartg

460B Harrison Ave., #B-6, Boston, MA 02118

February 1 - 26, 2017
Closing Reception: February 26, 3-5pm

"Jessie Jeanne and Dancers" and "teXtmoVes" (Karen Klein and collaborators) will be performing during the closing reception.


february 10 - march 2, 2017
reception: saturday, february 18
6 - 8 pm

colo colo gallery
contemporary art

101 w. rodney french boulevard, new bedford, ma 02744
colocologallery on facebook
Open: Wednesday - Sunday from 2 - 6 pm

Excavation: Work by Gerry Bergstein
At Maud Morgan Fine Arts Chandler Gallery heartg

Dates: February 13 - March 10, 2017
Reception: Thursday, February 23, 6-8 pm
Artist Talk: Thursday, March 9, 6-7:30 pm

Artist Gerry Bergstein uses his studio floor as "an archaeological site in which to explore my own mind." For over a decade, he has added paint and collage to an ever-evolving studio installation that serves as a figurative and literal starting point for his artwork. The pieces in Bergstein's upcoming show at the Chandler Gallery combine photographs of his studio collage with additional visual elements, intentionally blurring the lines between photography, painting and collage.

The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery


For more information click here.

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New Light Through Old Windows at Newport Art Museum
in Newport, Rhode Island now through April 16

"Where There Is No Boat, I Will Put A Boat" by Ron Cowie

Over the last several years, digital photography as an art form has risen and contemporary artists are looking for new and innovative ways to make their craft unique. The Newport Art Museum hosts New Light Through Old Windows now through April 16 and features Rhode Island artists Lindsey Beal and Ron Cowie. Additionally, a small selection of original 19th-century photographs and objects from the Newport Historical Society will be on view throughout the duration of the exhibit. The artists use a variety of processes including ambrotype, alumitype and large format. Beal's series Venus combines every aspect of her work. Capturing the lives of both historical and contemporary women, her Venus Series attempts to "re-create the power, mystery and primal beauty" that the Venus figurines have. Often lacking knowledge or having contradicting theories, the lack of understanding adds to their mystifying quality. Lindsey Beal uses wet-plate collodion in order to capture the figurines in a different style. Ron Cowie uses a large format camera and prints his photographs in platinum, a popular style created by nineteenth-century photographers. His series Leaving Babylon is composed of metaphorical landscapes and explores "how we live in faith and fear." Using psychological ideas in much of his work, Cowie also uses photography in order to commemorate those in his life. His series Inventory captures possessions that belonged to his wife, who passed away in 2008, in order to remember her as well as move forward. Both Lindsey Beal and Ron Cowie both have extensive knowledge and talent that can be seen in New Light Through Old Windows. The exhibition is on view through April 16 in Newport, Rhode Island. For more information click here.

Comforts, Cures, and Distractions at The Fruitlands Museum
in Harvard, Massachusetts now through March 26

Featured Image from "Comforts, Cures, and Distractions"

D espite the warm New England weather, we are reminded that winter is here for a while longer. The Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts presents Comforts, Cures, and Distractions: Winter at Fruitlands Museum now through March 26. Featuring a wintry theme, the exhibition features a wide assortment of art, artifacts and landscape paintings from the museum's Transcendentalist, Shaker and Native American collections. Fruitlands Curator Shana Dumont Garr notes, "As daylight hours shorten and temperatures plummet, snow transforms the landscape, blanketing it with hushed beauty." Noting the beauty of winter, Garr doesn't forget that the season had been difficult for those without the luxuries of central heating and other modern aids and conveniences we so often take for granted. Comforts, Cures, and Distractions provides insight on how communities comforted, cured and distracted themselves from the colder weather. Featuring hand made Shaker scarves and mittens; skates, sleds and snowshoes that date back to 1834; a Woodlands Native American water warmer or mokuk; and several 19th-century paintings of ice skaters or individuals playing in the snow, the exhibition gives a realistic view into what this time would have looked like. Each piece tells its own story while being part of a bigger narrative. The several pairs of mittens that are included in the exhibition are both colorful and useful and bring images of children playing in the snow while a red blanket chest displays the talent and precision that individuals used in order to create practical and necessary pieces for their homes. Reminiscent of wintry weather, beautiful landscapes and childhood innocence, Comforts, Cures, and Distractions is both education and exciting. For more information click here.

Solomon's Collection and Fine Rugs


Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons College heartg

Bennington Museum heartg

Stanley Rosen (b. 1926) Untitled (#160), 2013 Unglazed stoneware, 11 1/4 × 15 × 6 1/2 inches Courtesy of the Artist

Holding the Line: Ceramic Sculpture by Stanley Rosen
On view February 4 through May 21

Rosen rose to prominence beginning in the late 1950s. For the last 40-plus years, however, he has focused on his role as teacher (Bennington College, 1960-91) and maker, rarely exhibiting or publishing his work. This exhibition establishes Rosen's place among the masters of 20th- and 21st-century American ceramics, as it presents a selection from his unique, evocative body of abstract ceramic sculpture.

March 11 at 3:30 pm - Artist's Reception


The Brush Art Gallery & Studios and Hellenic Culture and Heritage Society Seek entries for "Contemporary Visions of Greece's Golden Age"


Art work accepted will be inspired by artistic ideals and achievements of the classical (500-323 BC) and Hellenistic (323-146 BC) periods in Greek history as an imaginative springboard for a contemporary twist on Greek sculpture, low and high relief, painting, pottery, frescoes, mosaics, and architecture. Consider the definition of beauty in human terms, with an emphasis on harmony, balance, order and moderation, vitality of life, clarity, and depictions of everyday life as well as mythology. Full Prospectus HERE

Foster Gallery Artist in Residence Program


The Artist-in-Residence Program at Noble and Greenough School is seeking applicants for an eight-week residential program for visual artists. The Fall 2017 program includes housing, weekday meals, private studio, $2500 stipend and a solo exhibition at Foster Gallery. Deadline is February 27th.

Harvard Museum of Natural History


Next of Kin: Seeing Extinction through the Artist's Lens

Until June 4, Harvard Museum of Natural History displays new work of artist Christina Seely of The Canary Project, a provocative perspective on the biodiversity extinction crisis. Special photography techniques and rare specimens from Harvard's collections evoke empathy with our "next of kin".
Exhibition opening panel discussion, Wednesday, February 22, 6:00 pm
Explore the exhibition following the program. For more information click here.

Harvard Museum of Natural History
26 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Open daily, 9 am - 5 pm

Encaustic Art
Feb 9 - March 25, 2017
Art League Rhode Island Call for Art


Boats, Surf and Beaches

Boats, surf and beaches - whether combined or separate, active or passive, foreground or background - are often the intrinsic ingredients of coastal recreation for many who live in, or visit, Southern New England. While Summer is certainly a highpoint in the recreation calendar, many enjoy the opportunities of Fall, Spring - and, even Winter. Let your art portray or interpret in whatever way you want some aspect of these recreational opportunities or activities.

Click here for more information and to submit your artwork via CaFÉ.
Entry Deadline: February 24th
Exhibit: April 7 - May 27

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