Questions on how to take care of your lawn?
Lawn Update

After the lawn has been installed, wait one day to water it to allow the elements of the hydro seed to tackify if hydro seed was applied. You may water right away if standard seed was applied.


The idea behind watering grass seed, is to attempt to keep the seed moist, until germination. If the seed is drying out between watering’s, it can cause the seed to go dormant and it will never germinate. That is why we recommend to water in the AM and PM. We understand this can be hard to accommodate. If you miss a watering it is not the end of the world, but try to get one watering in each day. On days that we get rain, you can skip your watering! We recommend watering each area for 15-20 minutes (using a standard sprinkler connected to your house) because the grass seed has no root system at this point. We want to keep the soil around the seed moist, so the seed can draw out that moisture.


Watering is most effective if done during the early morning hours or the early evening when sunlight cannot cause excessive evaporation and is not at its hottest time. Try not to water too late in the day. Watering right before nightfall can cause milldew and disease to a growing lawn. It is ideal for the lawn to soak in before dark. Morning watering can start as early as 4 am and evening watering can start at 5 pm. Depending on the type of sprinklers used, you may have to water each area for 30 to 60 minutes. The area should be saturated heavily but without causing runoff. Depending on the size of you lawn, this process may take several hours or all day long. Watering should be done every day. The soil should be kept damp consistently to establish germination as quickly as possible. DO NOT LET THE LAWN DRY OUT. IF GERMINATING SEEDLINGS DRY OUT THEY WILL DIE.
When the lawn has established, it will require approximately one inch of water a week depending on the temperatures and rainfall. The soil should continue to be soaked thoroughly when watered. Water should penetrate at least 6 inches into the soil to insure deep rooting.


A fertilizer has been applied with your lawn hydroseed. This initial application of fertilizer should provide the nutrients to give the grass a start. Additional applications of fertIlizer MUST BE applied starting approximately 20-30 days after the hydroseeding. A regular fertilization program is needed. I recommend a 5-6 step annual lawn fertilization program to maintain a healthy lawn. The seedlings need nitrogen to grow. The combination of the seedlings use of nitrogen and the heavy watering leaching the nitrogen make it essential for more fertilizer to be applied.


Additional applications of fertIlizer MUST BE applied staring approximately 4-6 weeks after the application.


A new lawn can be mowed once the grass is approximately three inches high. Make sure not to cut off more than one third of the grass at a time. Keep it at three inches tall. Never cut the grass too short as this will cause it to become stressed.

***If lawn program is not followed the warranty on your lawn will be voided. Landscapers are in the area frequently checking on the lawns. If your lawn has been installed, today is the day to start watering! If you have any further questions please reach out. ***

We highly recommend contacting Joe at Fitzgerald Lawn Care for your lawn maintenance program. 715-246-3958