August, 2015


During the "dog days of summer," we devote this newsletter to our beloved canine friends.  Those who know me have heard about our family dog Marlee, a thirteen year old Puli.  Marlee's distinctive cords often make him look more like a mop than a dog! Whenever I walk Marlee he is sure to bark at every bird, squirrel and bunny along the way. Like all dogs he brings much love and fun to our family.  


Over the years, I have had many four legged, tail wagging visitors stop by the Gallery. They brighten up my day and are always welcome to visit.
This month, I have featured a few of our favorite dog projects and am always happy to help develop your favorite "puppy project." Please use our "tail-wagging" special offer below.
Stay cool and see you soon.   




Marlee's Selfie

This watercolor of our favorite Gallery dog Marlee was given to Larry of Newtown on a very special birthday. It was commissioned to be painted by local artist Tom Belletieri.

To blend with the colors of Marlee's shore home, we selected a silver Meridian moulding with just a hint of blue by Larson Juhl. Not wanting to add any more color, we used a double mat of the same shade of white.

The result was stunning. Marlee's selfie now hangs in the dining room....his favorite spot to take leisurely summer naps. 



Fond Memories


Bob of Langhorne brought us this watercolor painted by his grandmother in Illinois. Bob fondly remembers his grandmother and is proud that she graduated from Shimer College in Chicago in 1905!

To frame this piece, we used a distinctive Harrison moulding by Larson Juhl. The styling is updated but works well on this vintage item. We included two hand painted French lines to the mat which is typical of the time period.

Bob's dog was beloved by the entire family and this picture will preserve their memories for years to come.
Two more of our favorite furry friend projects....Harley and Molly!  



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