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First-year students before the White Coat Ceremony
Knights in White 
Ceremony Welcomes Class of 2022

RSDM's annual White Coat Ceremony does more than mark the start of dental school for first-year students. It transforms them into healthcare professionals. This year's event, for the Class of 2022, was no exception.The tradition of distributing white coats has long been a ritual among medical students but in the past decade, dental schools have also been marking the milestone. RSDM was a pioneer in establishing the tradition.   LEARN MORE  

Beyond Analogue
New Technology at RSDM Builds on Foundations of Dentistry

Dr. Heba Elkassaby teaches students how to improve their work with digital technology.
Dentistry is being revolutionized by CAD/CAM technology, but traditional techniques are just as important. That means RSDM students are in the unique position of drawing from the best of both worlds: analogue and digital dentistry as RSDM expands its technological resources. The school is in the midst of a three-phase effort to add new digital tools to the clinic floor and in the classroom.   LEARN MORE
Researcher Receives Three Patents for Autoimmune Disease Therapy

Dr. Scott Kachlany
Dr. Scott Kachlany, who has been working on a therapy proven to kill leukemia cells in animals, received approval for three patents that help pave the way for the same technology to treat three autoimmune diseases. 
Kachlany's discovery, called Leukothera, is based on his finding that the same bacterium that causes periodontal disease produces a protein that could be a therapy for numerous diseases, including HIV, Lupus and two additional conditions for which he received patents.   LEARN MORE  
Going Global
Faculty and Students Travel Far and Wide to Treat Underserved
A young patient is screened on a dual mission to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 
Community service at RSDM spans the globe with several overseas dental missions and the opportunity to provide services at an  Arizona clinic for Native American patients. Learn about our work with  children in the Dominican Republic and a dual mission  in Haiti and a neighboring village in the Dominican Republic.   Surgical Missions help transform cleft palate patients and those with facial trauma suffered during a civil war. Read about it in the  RSDM News, the school's news blog. 

 Faculty Named as Fellows in New RBHS Leadership Program

Dean Cecile A. Feldman nominated three faculty to participate as fellows in the inaugural Academic Leadership Program at RBHS (ALP-RBHS). Janine Fredericks-Younger, Director, Academic Affairs; Craig Hirschberg, Chair, Endodontics; and Steven R. Singer, Chair, Diagnostic Sciences, will join 16 other academic health leaders representing all eight RBHS schools for the first-year pilot program. The ALP-RBHS, program, developed through a partnership between RBHS and Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership, is designed to provide academic health leaders across the university with top resources to further develop their organizational and managerial skills.

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