White Collar Crime
White collar crime can take many forms. From identity theft, to embezzlement, to various types of fraud, Hiltner Law has the expertise to guide you through the legal process. The complexity of this process can often combine with the mess of corporate corruption to create a tangled web. Hiltner Law can be there for you to help you navigate the legal process in white collar crime cases.

Hiltner Law provides premier legal services in white collar crime cases. 2016 was an exceptionally notable year for the firm. That year, the firm took more than twelve cases to trial and yielded no convictions for clients.  

The attorneys at Hiltner Law set themselves apart from other white collar crime lawyers in that they are willing to go to trial if the courtroom is where the legal process leads. Drotos and Hiltner prepare themselves to go to trial at any stage of the legal process because they recognize the vulnerability and stress of the accused. They realize this commitment makes for the ideal results for clients.
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