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At Vera House, we believe in preventing domestic violence before it begins. In order to achieve this, Vera House offers interactive and engaging programming developed by our Prevention and Education Team to shift community culture toward promoting healthy and respectful relationships.

The White Ribbon Campaign is a movement led by men and boys working to end violence against women. This male leadership works to acknowledge the important contributions men have made in this movement and invites others to take a role. Today, in honor of this mission, we'll be sharing Vera House programs focused on men's outreach and advocacy.

We offer programs for all ages covering a variety of topics, including relationship violence, sexual violence, and elder abuse.
We're pleased to announce we've received a $50,000 grant from the Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Baseball Players Association’s (MLBPA) “Healthy Relationships Community Grant” program. The grant will support our work to educate youth about healthy relationships through two of our violence prevention programs, the Coaching Boys Into Men program and the Men of Strength (MOST) Club.
Coaching Boys Into Men is a violence prevention program for athletic coaches designed to inspire them to teach their young male athletes about the importance of respect for themselves, others, and in particular women and girls.

The program runs concurrently with the season of the particular sport with the coaches delivering 15-minute weekly conversations over 12 weeks.
The MOST Club is the country's premier violence prevention program for mobilizing young men to prevent sexual and dating violence.

The MOST Club provides middle and high school aged young men with a structured and supportive space to build individualized definitions of masculinity that promote healthy relationships. Through their curriculum, the MOST Club aims to build young men's capacity to become peer leaders and allies with women.
Vera House's "Men. Lead By Example." program encourages men and boys to work as allies with women and girls to prevent domestic and sexual violence and create healthy relationships.

One key component of our work is the 12 Men Model. It assembles men in small groups and encourages them to rethink and redefine healthy masculinity. This prevention-focused program encourages men to dialogue and rethink masculinity and male roles.

Our Real Men Real Talk series expands the conversation of the 12 Men Model and is a space for men to continue anti-violence and prevention conversations, and discuss contemporary issues. Take a look at one of our videos above!
White Ribbon Campaign To End Domestic Violence 'More Crucial' in Pandemic
Our co-executive director Randi Bregman spoke with CNYCentral to discuss what the White Ribbon Campaign will look like in a virtual setting and why the campaign is more crucial now than ever before.

"The message is definitely always the same. The White Ribbon Campaign is about male leadership and recognizing that we all must do our part to end us in sexual violence and so wearing that ribbon says, I will not support commit or remain silent about abuse and that is true whether you're sitting in person with 500 other people at a breakfast or you're joining us online virtually from all over the country and the world."