October 24, 2019
Dear Friend,

The Holocaust Center for Humanity was vandalized with white supremacist graffiti earlier this week. Yesterday, when the graffiti was discovered, our Holocaust Center was filled with teachers attending a training seminar. The teachers and our staff were shocked and appalled, but it became a teachable moment, driving home the importance and relevance of our work. It is not a history lesson⁠ - similar violations are happening every day around the world.

We cannot shrug this off as just another incident. We must remain outraged. We must loudly declare that we stand together and will not tolerate racist and antisemitic ideology.

We called Seattle Police and alerted SAFE Washington. The graffiti contains obscure white supremacist symbols that most individuals would not be able to identify. You can learn more about these symbols on ADL’s website . As an institution with a mission to educate, we are notifying the community to create greater awareness about antisemitism in our own city.

Tonight our ongoing "Confronting Antisemitism and Intolerance" class is filled to capacity.

We call on our community to stand together and speak out against racism, bigotry and intolerance. Our work together is as important as it has ever been.

We stand strong together.
Dee Simon
Baral Family Executive Director
David Alhadeff
President of the Board of Directors