Activate  White Blood Cells to 
Become Ascension Cells

Divine Nourishment 
The purpose of the  Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet is to assist the spiritual aspirant in activating the upper chakras so that the food chain from human to angel is re-established. Once the flames of Pentecost are alight at our Crown Chakra, we begin to consciously experience a symbiotic "feeding" relationship with the divine. As we give the angels our spiritual thoughts and deeds, they feed us with nourishment that we cannot get from the lower kingdoms in the food chain (animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms). 

We experience this divine nourishment as synchronicity, life ease and flow, abundance and prosperity, sacred magic, and divine coincidence. 

One way to nourish our angels is by study and contemplation of books like
The Gospel of Sophia, articles offered at Our Spirit, and spiritual practices that seek to bring you in touch with higher vibrations and dimensions of awareness. Another way is through meditation, where all external stimuli are extinguished so that one can reside in that which is beyond the ordinary world of 3D space and 4D time. Unfortunately, this will only get you so far in your spiritual development if your lower chakras are being bombarded with dense vibrations of beings that want to hold you back from obtaining lasting and continual connection with the spiritual world. 

Ahrimanic beings and energy, whether you call them Ahriman, black goo, demons, vampires, or evil, work to hold us back from the ascension process by keeping us imprisoned in pain and suffering from the lower chakras. For them, the use of our lower chakras gives them a human vessel in which to operate in the human world. They could not incarnate in the physical world without use of our lower chakras. They feed on pain, suffering, fear, anger, sexual aberrations, and energy associated with the Seven Deadly Sins.    

These ahrimanic beings don't just feed once and move on, unless they are successful in killing their host with disease and discomfort (the opposite of ease and flow) or calamity (the opposite of divine flow). They will feed on the lower chakras continually as this is their gateway into the human dimension. Likes attract likes. If your spiritual and physical vibrations are dense and low resonance, you will attract beings of the same.    

Balance the Lower Chakras 
Imbalance and density in the lower chakras can be caused by the physical nature of poor eating habits, but also by an untamed astral body that manifests anger, fear, hatred, and addictions. In the first five lessons of the ASCEND program, we showed you many ways of identifying and correcting density and low vibration of the lower chakras.

Are you tired of being sick and tired? Are you challenged with lack of prosperity and abundance? Do you struggle with your spiritual journey and feel like you are alone in your suffering? Are you always working to make ends meet, with little energy and focus left for spiritual pursuits? Does it seem that life is always "against" you and that you are not in "the flow" as much as you would like to be?
Imbalance in the lower chakras can manifest in your body and life in many ways. Basically when you are sluggish in the lower chakras, you are permitting ahrimanic forces to hold you to the physical dimension as though you had shackles around your ankles, pulling you into the earth. To set yourself free, you must first balance your lower chakras with actions of conscious free will. No one can do this for you. 

If you haven't worked through the first five lessons yet, then go back and get started. Only then, will you be ready to implement the esoteric practices that will help you move into your higher chakras and begin the ascension process.
White, Red, and T-Cells 
A brief review on blood cells:

Blood cells, both white and red, are manufactured in your bone marrow. We know from the previous lesson that cells are the smallest living unit in the human body and their health is critical for the overall health of the human body.   

White blood cells,  also called leukocytes, are the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against infectious disease and foreign substances like toxins an undigested food.

White and red blood cells are
made in the bone marrow.

T-cells (or T-lymphocytes) are produced in the thymus from white blood cells.  Simply put, some of white blood cells made in the bone marrow mature in the thymus and become super immune cells, T-cells, in the body. 

In your body you have two types of immunity cells--white and Ts--that play a critical role in helping your body stay healthy by fighting off disease and foreign substances. If you get a cold, for example, your white and T-cells rush in to fight the infection; this is why you have phlegm or abscesses, which is an accumulation of these cells rushing in to cleanse the infected area. 
If you have poor digestion and toxins cannot leave your body through normal and regular bowel movements, they leak into your blood stream and accumulate in your tissues and organs. The white and T-cells see toxins as foreign invaders and must destroy what you your body should have digested. 

An example of this are pimples and blackheads on the skin of a person with poor digestion. Undigested food and other toxins have no where to go, so they try to leave through the skin, all the while the immunity cells are trying to attack the foreign invaders.

Sometimes the body is so toxic that white and T-cells are overtaxed and cannot get the job done. This is when the body begins to break down with illness, disease, cancer, heart and organ breakdown, etc.  You can see why chemotherapy patients pay close attention to their white and T-cell counts.  

When you start balancing your lower chakras and cleansing your body of toxins, your white and T-cells do not have to work so hard. 

White blood cells were never supposed to be a part of the digestive system, but if you aren't digesting your food and eliminating toxins properly, your blood and tissues get filled with "foreign invaders." Your immune cells have to do the work that your digestive system cannot do. 

What if white and T-cells could be free from being the "garbage collectors" of your body? 

What would happen if you balanced your lower chakras, added digestive enzymes with every meal, took a swallow of silver water every day, and cleansed your liver on a regular basis?  What if you gave your white and T-cells some help in removing the garbage? 

What if you created healthy cells with soft and permeable cell membranes that allowed  nutrients to enter and waste products to exit

Maybe....just maybe...white and T-cells have an evolutionary role in the ascension process. Once they are not defending the body against constant ahrimanic attacks of environmental toxicity, what could their real purpose be?  
Is There a Higher Purpose
for White and T-Cells? 
As pioneers in this area of spiritual research, neoanthroposophists are finding that there is indeed a relationship between cleansing the lower chakras and freeing the white and T-cells and increasing life vibration and connecting to higher beings in the food chain.  

Early readers who started implementing the ASCEND program before it was published are testifying to tremendous changes in their physical health and spiritual connection to the hierarchy of spiritual beings. In the beginning, they notice a reduction in symptoms that have been causing them physical distress. By adding spiritual studies to their daily routine in following ASCEND, they also experience increasing synchronicity, flow, and abundance in their lives. 

What is happening is that the lower chakras are becoming free, unshackled from ahrimanic forces. As these chakras become balanced, the kundalini fire in the belly is able to reach the heart chakra, continuing to rise all the way to the crown chakra where the pineal and pituitary glands are nourished.  
This is explained in detail in A Modern Path of Initiation

You reconnect to the spiritual food chain and are able to feed your angels what they need--your spiritual thoughts and deeds. As you read with etheric vision our books in The Gospel of Sophia series, The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity and Sophia Christos Initiation, you transcend the world of intellect and begin to soar on the wings of Imagination.   

You begin to feel the angels gathering around you like hummingbirds gathering around sweet nectar. They begin to nourish you with joy, love, prosperity, ease, synchronicity, and divine coincidence. Once you begin to experience Sophia, the angels, and the hierarchy in this way, you are released from Ahriman's clutches.  

You can't ascend if you eat rocks.  Make sure that you are giving your bone marrow the  best nourishment you can so that you have plenty of  healthy red and white blood cells. 

See the Crown Chakra  lesson (Octave 1.8) regarding proper  calcium supplementation and  get our recipe  for St. Germain's ascension oatmeal. 

Etherization of the Blood 
You may have never realized that nutrition is so important for spiritual evolution. Neoanthroposophist understand that we must consciously release ahrimanic influences in our lower chakras in order to reconnect to the divine food chain where all kingdoms joyfully feed one another the nourishment they require. Ahriman wants to hold us in our lower chakras so that we do not connect with the higher realms. We release Ahriman when we overcome the Seven Deadly Sins (see A Modern Path of Initiation) and live the Seven Heavenly Virtues. 

The heart chakra working through the thymus and immune system are the launching pad for the etherization of the blood. Once a 'slow steady fire' is produced by the metabolic system, which combines the fire of the lower chakras, the transformed energy from physical nutrition and 'tamed desire' feeds the heart. This 'fire in the belly' is seen as a cooking pot with a lid sitting on a fire. When the fire burns too hot the cooking pot boils over and energy is lost. When the flame is consistent and the 'dark waters' of the lower chakras are cooked for a long time, the aspirant can then open the lid of the cooking pot releasing a steady stream of steam that heats the heart and aids in the processes of circulation and blood nutrition.

The lung provides another source of 'fire' through oxygen that uses blood as a transfer system to provide life giving oxygen to every cell. Blood also carries out a function of cleaning the entire body of carbon dioxide. Nourishing and cleansing are well known functions of the blood. But there is another function of the blood that is similar to what the thymus does for the body.

With each chakra there is a capacity to discern and "know" the difference between what is "right" or "wrong" with substances that enter the body from outside. The heart's blood alternates between what is outside of the body and what is inside of the body. Oxygen goes in, carbon dioxide goes out. The rhythms of breathing and circulation are key to placing each human in their environment and differentiating between inner and outer, life and death.

The thymus does the same thing when T-cells differentiate between what is a good substance in the bloodstream and what is a bad substance. One substance must stay in the body and provide health while the other must be defined as a poison and be destroyed and expelled from the body.  In or out, disease or health.

How do T-cells know the difference between what is good or bad? We might be able to understand that the blood can distinguish between oxygen and carbon dioxide, but think about the job of T-cells which are given the difficult task of identifying billions of substances in the blood stream and must then identify what is healthy or foreign. How does a T-cell identify a friend or foe? It is accomplished through recognition of vibrations, a type of cellular consciousness.

The heart and the thymus are both "sense organs" that also act as a "brain" to make millions of "decisions" a second. The lower chakras do not require a sense of discernment that can sense the vibration of substances and determine whether they are friend or foe. Your lower chakras will follow your base appetites even when they know they are eating bad food, having bad relationships, or having bad habits.  

The heart and thymus cannot afford to make such mistakes. When the thymus does err, it manifests as autoimmune disorders where the body works against itself as an enemy.  

Starting at the heart chakra, a new element of consciousness comes into play and drives the physical processes of the body through impulses from the individual's soul and spirit. For instance, when a person becomes embarrassed and his face flushes, the entire blood pressure of the body is immediately effected by an emotion. When love takes hold of the heart, a person is simply healthier and her blood circulation and respiration gets stronger.  A depressed person is the opposite. Refined emotions, spiritual drives, higher desires, imagination, creativity, inspiration, and other such human expressions require a more developed consciousness. Unconsciousness in the realm of the heart leads to a depletion of energy, quality emotions, and thoughts. Consciousness in the realm of the heart frees us. 

The etherization of the blood, or the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream, requires the alchemical 'slow burning fire' of tamed desired from the lower chakras as a type of fuel to feed the higher flames of consciousness that arise from the heart to the crown chakra. Earthly sense perception is transformed in the bloodstream through etherization or ionization of carbon particles that are freed up from the normal processes of respiration and circulation and now become available to feed the heart's flame with mineral substances that transform the normal heart-flame into a new type of plasma that rises up through the throat and brow chakra into the crown chakra and the pineal gland.  

As earthly substance is ionized into mineral deposits in the pineal gland, a type of digestion of the outer world takes place. This same process happens when T-cells determine the nature of foreign substance throughout the body. When the immune system, especially T-cell function, is healthy and is not burdened with fighting unhealthy invaders, then the transformed T-cells are free to become ionized in their own way. 

They become free agents to enhance higher bodily functions. Once health and vitality are present, then the higher functions of all the ductless glands becomes coordinated and can secrete vital hormones that clear the way for the functioning of the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream. The blood becomes etherized. It then continues to feeds the immune system, but is released to do its higher purpose--which is to activate the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream.  

This is the physiological and spiritual way of ascension. 

What is Ascension? 

Ascension is a process of refining the physical body into a vehicle for the higher workings of the spirit. The physical body is the vehicle for the soul and the soul is the vehicle for the spirit. Each human is ascending into an angel, over time; into their natural-born spiritual inheritance. The weight of lower desires, poor health, inadequate nutrition, bad habits and a lack of spiritual motivation slows down the process of ascension.  

Literally, the weight of this world keeps us from rising into the light of the spiritual world. It is difficult, if not impossible, to ascend when the physical body is a millstone around the neck of spiritual development. It takes balance and a healthy 'art of life' to digest all the poisons in the outer world and to find the eternal or everlasting elements of this life. Through the darkness of suffering and toil, spiritual gold must be tempered in fire and become the chalice of the heart that can act as the alchemical vessel or cup of the holy grail. From that grail, light arises and nourishment flows forth just as  the light of wisdom and the nourishment of love arises from the human heart

We will all ascend eventually, even those who take more time or try to stand against the tides of time. Humans have a choice: Become angels or return to the animal kingdom to begin the process of ascension again. All roads lead to the same place. 

Self-conscious beings are surrounded by other beings above and below who help them move up the ladder to the upper room, or tread the path of self-development that leads to the higher self. All spiritual traditions speak of this rising into higher worlds or transcending normal consciousness of time and space and connecting to other living beings who permeate existence.  

What is often not known is that humans have the specific task of suffering this realm of physical limitations and bringing back to the spiritual beings above us the redeemed mineral substance of this realm. Higher spiritual beings cannot enter our realm without great sacrifice. They depend upon us to glean and extract from the world the eternal elements of spirit that have been cast down into this realm. The gods have sacrificed their outer 'cloak' to create our physical world and this illusion of permanent material substance can fool anyone who has lost sight of his original home.

If conscious human beings can see matter for what it is, frozen spiritual sacrifices of higher beings, then the very beings who sacrificed themselves can be freed and return home through human sense perception that perceives the illusion of matter.  

Ascension is the responsibility of the aspirant. Its speed and course will be up to you.  The ASCEND program offers the aspirant a healthy and measured approach to rising up through the levels of the chakras in order to be nourished by higher beings. When we say that you can find ease, harmony, better health, abundance, synchronicity, sacred magic, and all of these wonderful things, we are sharing this with you from a place of deep knowledge and experience.  

By adding the philosophical, moral and spiritual development found in The Gospel of Sophia Trilogy, you will accelerate your journey and see the amazing benefits of the etherization of the blood and the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream.  
This, our friends, is the spiritual ark of consciousnesses that we have written about in Surviving the Apocalypse: How to Create an Ark for the Future.


Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet 

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