Is this Healthy?
(That yogurt might be hiding some sugar that you aren't expecting!)
Eating goes a long way to our continued health and most of us are conscious of our meal choices. Even though we are making what we believe to be smart choices, a lot of times the food we believe are healthy is just the opposite! Continue reading below for some guidance on food that is tricking you into thinking it is healthy!
"Healthy" Foods
A lot of foods are recognized initially as healthy, or healthy alternatives, but have since been revealed to not be the case. Learn about some of the options that stand out in our eyes as not so healthy foods!

  • Whole Wheat Bread - It is generally healthier than white bread, but whole wheat bread is eclipsed by many other breads, such as whole grain and sprouted bread. The reason whole wheat bread isn't great for you (especially those with diabetes), is due to the amount of sugar used in process of creating the bread.
  • Protein Bars - While they are filled with protein and can be used as a snack, if not eaten properly, protein bars can lead to weight gain and increased fat. The high levels of sugar and sodium in most protein bars can cause the aforementioned weight gain if it is not worked off properly. If you enjoy protein bars, try eating them as a snack before a workout to help supplement your muscle gain, while also burning off the harmful ingredients.
  • Coconut Water - Generally beloved due to the sweet, nutty taste it has, there's a lot of sugar hiding beneath the surface. If you are just looking to stay hydrated, water is the smarter choice in most instances. Coconut water does have benefits, but before buying ensure there's no added sugar, sweeteners or flavors.
  • Sports Drinks - Typically most of us aren't working out at the level requiring electrolyte replenishment, making sports drinks unnecessary. Packed with sugar, drinking a sports drink is the equivalent of a drinking a soda!
  • Parfaits - It must be good for me! It has fresh fruit! Don't forget about the granola and flavored yogurt, both of which are sneaking in high amounts of sugar. If you make these for yourself with vetted foods, it's healthier, but when purchased at a store, they're not good for you.
  • Organic Snacks - Buzzwords are abundant and one of the biggest health buzzwords is organic. Organic food can be good for you, but many companies slap that word onto their products to appeal to customers. If the food you're looking at generally isn't healthy, like candy, but has organic written on it, know that it still isn't good for you.
  • Margarine - The butter substitute isn't as good for you as once thought! So for all of you that swear by margarine for all of your butter needs, you may want to switch back to the real stuff. The reason it's not good for you is due to the trans fat it contains, which has been directly linked to increased risk of heart disease.

With your newfound knowledge of these and the other "healthy" foods listed in the articles below, make smart choices with your food intake. While these foods aren't necessarily healthy, you don't have to stop eating them, just be aware of the hidden fats and sugars they contain. As a general rule of thumb, choose whole foods, a rainbow of colors for your fruits and vegetables and eat a balanced diet!
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