Cold, Flu and COVID News and Prevention
We are now in the thick of the winter season and while it's certainly been a mild winter to date, we still have to worry about colds, flu and of course, COVID-19. Every sniffle, cough and ache this year is stressful, as we all worry about COVID and don't want to transmit it to anyone. Continue reading below for guides on what to look for and how to follow up if you get sick this season.
Symptoms and Treatments for Illnesses
First things first, if you haven't already received a Flu shot, you should get one as soon as possible. It is highly recommended each year, especially for anyone over 6 months of age. The shot may not protect you from any illness you can encounter this season, but it can prevent one that has the ability to be deadly. To find out more about the differences and treatments between the common cold, the flu and COVID-19, read the Main Line Health article linked below.
COVID-19 Vaccine Information
The worldwide emphasis on quickly finding a vaccine for the pandemic has helped expedite a process that usually takes much longer to play out. The rollout of vaccine distribution in the United States began in December and is slowly progressing through the population. Learn about where you land on the vaccination schedule and other COVID-19 information at the Pennsylvania Department of Health website below.
CDC Guide to Protecting Your Health this Winter
There are many things you can do as a preventative measure in regards to cold and flu season. Protect yourself, your family and others by doing things like getting a flu vaccine, avoiding those who are sick, hand washing and disinfecting surfaces. For more guidance from the CDC, check out the link below!
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