Fix Potential Issues of the "New Normal"!
We are all rightly worried about the pandemic that is currently plaguing us and that has completely changed our lives. While we are working remotely and taking precautions to stop the spread of the virus, there are other health issues that we are developing that could plague us in future years. Below you will find articles regarding both physical and mental ailments that could arise from our "new normal" and ways to help yourself avoid these pandemic side effects.
This COVID-19 Spike will Also Hit Our Mental Health with a "Second Wave"

The last 8 months have impacted us in many ways beyond the physical. This article details how the recent surge could continue to affect us and our mental health. Beyond that, the article describes why the pandemic is hurting our mental health, who is at highest risk of mental health problems and how to handle it!
World Health Organization - Looking After our Mental Health

This article is straight forward and gives us ways to protect our mental health in trying times. While many of the recommendations are straight-forward and commonly known, they are good to mindfully re-visit. Take care of yourself using these tips so that your mental health isn't adversely impacted in the long run.
Preventing Tech Neck in the Age of Zoom

Being home and working remotely has quickly introduced many of us to a newer phenomenon called Tech Neck. With our new work set-ups not having desirable angles for our posture, we could hurt our necks in the long run. The article linked below describes these issues and how to correct them.
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