Health Classes and Presentations
Learn More about Your Body and Mind!
There's always more to learn and a topic that applies to you in some sort of way is health! Health encompasses many topics, and while they don't all apply to each person, they are still extremely important. From physical health to mental health, take a gander and register for the classes and presentations below as it could help you or your loved ones! All classes and videos below are free!
Bones and Joints: Ankle and Lower Extremity

Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 6-7:30pm
Penn Medicine

Join the hospital’s board-certified orthopedic surgeon to learn about the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments for joint pain. These include medications, injections, small incision joint replacement, and other state-of-the-art advancements. A physical rehabilitation specialist will also be on hand to offer suggestions for how to stay strong to alleviate joint pain.
Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention

Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 6-7pm
Penn Medicine

This program, developed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, is a standardized presentation that covers the scope of this leading cause of death; what the research has found to be the warning signs and risk factors of suicide; and the strategies that prevent it.
Get the True FAST Facts About Stroke

Monday, Nov. 16th, 6-7pm
Penn Medicine

Every minute counts when you or someone you know is having a stroke. Acting F.A.S.T., calling 9-1-1, and getting to the hospital quickly for treatment is of vital importance. Learn the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of stroke, and how Chester County Hospital swiftly treats patients having a stroke
Boosting Brain Power

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 6-7pm
Penn Medicine

This presentation, led by a registered dietitian, addresses normal aging of the brain and threats to brain health. You will learn how the MIND diet can help prevent dementia, as well as simple steps you can take every day to boost your cognitive health to help you live your life to the fullest.
Various Health Lectures from The University of Utah

The University of Utah offers free monthly health lectures that cover a number of topics! Among their previous lectures are 'Staying Active During the Winter Season', 'Staying Positive with Seasonal Affective Disorder', 'Healthy Weight for the Holidays' and a few others. These videos range from 40 minutes to an hour, but are extremely informative. You can also see the future events listed on their website if you visit the events page.

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