Winter and Snow Health Tips!
The time has come! The first sizable winter storm is supposed to happen today! We always hear that you should stay safe during this type of weather, but what exactly does that mean?

Before battling the storm, review the tips below to protect the health of you and your family. Between shoveling heavy snow, dressing best for the weather and being prepared in general, there's a lot of information for getting ready that we need to know!
Safe Snow Shoveling Practices
Did you know? Snow shoveling safety starts before you even step foot outside! Stretching prior to shoveling, dressing warm, taking breaks, shoveling with good form and even treating your snow shovel will all have a big impact on your health, both physically and mentally. Take a look at the article below to ensure your safety while clearing your driveway and sidewalks!
Dressing Appropriately for Winter
Layering is a great tool to use when going outside in the cold weather, as it keeps your body heat on you, rather than dissipating into the air. Check out the article below to help determine what you should be wearing in varying temperatures (typical winter temperatures in Pennsylvania would be from 0 degrees to -10 degrees Celsius)
Make Emergency Preparations
You can never be certain of what a winter storm will bring, as it could be a dusting of snow, an ice storm or a blizzard. With that in mind, snow and ice cause a lot of destruction, so the power can go out, leaving you at the mercy of what you've gathered in preparation. Make sure to grab some water, non-perishable food, medications and light sources (candles and flashlights) just in case your power goes out for a few days. Beyond home emergency kits, also have preparations for cars and your workplace. Find a more detailed list in the document linked below!
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