Stress Impacting Your Life?
Stress is anything but an uncommon feeling, as we are stressed by many things in life. From little stressors such as a bug being in the house to big stressors like money problems, all cause an emotional response. These stressors cause a chain reaction in your body that not only impact your day, but also your future. Chronic stress keeps your body on high alert and leads to significant health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and so much more.

As serious as stress can affect your life, you can mitigate the response your body has to it. Take note of the stress-relieving tips and articles below and implement them in your life to be calmer and healthier.

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Stress Relieving Activities
There are many ways to relieve stress and employing them into your life can be extremely helpful for your health. Not every stress relief practice is effective for all, so if one doesn't work, don't stop trying!

  • Exercise - One of the best stress combatants is exercise, as studies have shown people who work out regularly are less likely to experience stress and anxiety than those who don't. This is thanks to exercise reducing stress hormones, improving sleep quality and having more confidence.
  • Deep Breathing - It may seem superfluous and obvious, but deep-breathing is a powerful combatant to stress. As a relaxation technique it is nearly unmatched in its ease and effectiveness. Deep breathing results in your focus leaving the stressor and being focused inward, while slowing your heart rate and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Learn deep breathing techniques here.
  • Avoid Stress Triggers - Easier said than done, this is a great way to remove stress and anxiety from your life. Avoiding things like procrastination, constant connection to social media and even caffeine can be adding unnecessary stress to your life. Taking steps to avoid or lessen those stressors allows you to naturally relieve stress. For some ideas on unknown stressors you can avoid, check out this article.

Taking the time and implementing these strategies in your life are a great way to improve your quality of life and your health, so this recommendation isn't a one-time effort, it can be applied continually. For some more ways to have stress relief, take a look at the articles below!
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