Working Out the Workouts Kinks!
During the pandemic, a lot of media has expressed the necessity of exercise not only for the body, but also for the mind. This has led to much more at home or outdoor exercise, and cause businesses like Peloton and Nordic Track to boom. Exercising is just one part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can also cause its own aches and pains. Most times this is due to poor form or overuse, and can be prevented! Follow our guide below and read the articles provided to help yourself stay healthy and continuing to get fit!
Avoiding the Spin Injuries
Cycling isn't a new craze, but it has advanced to another height during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many people starting a new workout, there are always risk of injury from inexperience and poor form. One of the issues cyclists run into is pelvic floor pain. Reduce that pain by doing the following:

  • Stand Up During the Ride - Staying seated for long periods of time can cause pain, especially on thin bike seats. Rise up out of the saddle and continue your workout periodically or take a short break to stand up and take some pressure off.
  • Raise the Handlebars - If the handlebars are too low, you'll create pressure points and your form will lead to unnecessary pain. The high-end bikes have guides on set-up, but you can also find a guide here.
  • Stretch! - You may have learned to stretch before your workouts, but stretching after is just as necessary and may be more beneficial! By stretching after your workout, you'll help relieve areas of tension and pressure, helping you avoid discomfort.
Preventing Running Issues
There's many exercises enjoyed by those around the world, but one of the most common is running. The majority of those that go for runs can tell you they've had aches and pain at some point from their workout, so check below on how to treat and avoid them!

  • Invest in Good Running Shoes - Think about it, the only thing between your feet and the ground are the shoes on your feet. If these shoes are causing your feet to rotate or land poorly, injuries will likely follow. Take a trip to your local running gear store, have your feet examined and get a great pair of shoes for your feet!
  • Take Note of Your Terrain - The constant running on tough terrain or hard surfaces can have an adverse impact on your shins and knees. Make sure that you're taking adequate breaks between runs and listen to your body. If you begin to feel strain or pain, allow time for your body to heal.
  • Slow Increments - It might be exciting to progress and to add miles to your runs, but be careful as you don't want to overextend your body. Incremental gains lead to long-term increases and less chance for injury.
There's always an inherent risk of injury when we do anything with our bodies. Take the time to train and exercise properly. Follow the tips and articles above for cycling and running, while following the tips in the article below to exercise safely. Get out there and live a happy and healthy life!
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