Visiting Local Nature Sites
Earth is constantly changing, especially the landscape, as the human race continues to grow and thrive. With the increased population, more land needs to be used to house everyone and their needs, taking away from the natural land that our subconscious is drawn to. This makes nature centers and gardens fantastic places to visit, as their quaint layouts and breathtaking beauty can really center a person. If you're looking to feel closer to nature and the relaxing vibes that comes with, make a visit to the following places.
Meadowbrook Farm
Recently opened from being closed during the height of the pandemic, Meadowbrook Farms is now open and free to the public! Visit the garden legacy of J. Liddon Pennock with one-of-a-kind plants. Take some time and visit the garden and "garden rooms" that Mr. Pennock designed and frequented often.

Morris Arboretum
Morris Arboretum is also open for business and is the official arboretum of Pennsylvania. Growing from initially being a tough land to grow on, it is now known as one of the most stunning university arboretums! Being right down the street from such a nice nature venue is a certain benefit!

Longwood Gardens
With beautiful plants, fountains and landscape, Longwood Gardens is another notable nearby nature site. Located in Chester County, it's a short drive away from our township and a reasonable price as well! Don't miss out on visiting around Christmas as well, as it's absolutely stunning.

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