Bee's Please!
We live in a world that is built and thrives upon many little actions taking place. One of these actions (and a major one at that!) is the life of bees and their contribution to nature by being natural pollinators and honey producers. Unfortunately, the world has become tougher for bees to thrive in, so help us in doing what we can to help conserve and promote their existence!
The Honeybee Conservancy
There are a lot of organizations that change the world for the better and one of those is the Honeybee Convervancy. Having protected 10 million bees, impacting almost 1 million humans and being present in almost the entire United States, their efforts could help feed us for years to come. Learn more and what you can do to help at the link below.

Penn State Conservation
Penn State provides a lot of information regarding outdoors items and that is true also for bees. Dive into a breakdown onto why we should conserve bees and the types of bees we run into in Pennsylvania in the article below.

USDA The Importance of Pollinators
If you're looking for more information on pollinators (specifically bees) and their impact on the environment, look no further than the USDA link below. It also provides insight with some shocking statistics and tips on how to best provide as healthy pollinator habitat.

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