Fall Foliage Guide!
One of the many benefits of living in Pennsylvania is the gift of having four seasons in the year. We are lucky to witness the beauty of snow falling in the winter, the resurgence of life in the spring, but what might be most beautiful is the many colors of fall foliage. From green, to red, to yellow, to orange, and to brown, we get to see an entire color palette in the tree tops. Check out the information below for viewing foliage, why the foliage is so outstanding around us and rankings of the best areas in Pennsylvania for viewing fall foliage.
When to See the Colors
Each fall is slightly different in terms of when to see the best fall foliage. With this fluctuation, the best we can do each year is predict when we will have the best views. Check out this years predictive map at the link below. It seems like the next two weeks we will be in luck with great views!
Learning about Foliage
Pennsylvania is in a fantastic geographic location to witness the beauty of Fall. At the website below, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources discusses the background on the great foliage and includes PDF's (on the right side) that break down the status even more!
PA's Best Viewing Spots
With a list of 13 different locations across Pennsylvania, the first link below will help you decide where you might want to visit to see the beautiful sites with the closest being Washington Crossing Historic Park in Buck County. The second link doesn't give as much information, but outlines a large number of places to see great foliage! Just click on the trees and see where they're at.
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