Bird Feeding in Winter
The Winter solstice is now behind us, but the majority of Winter still remains. This time of year can be difficult for wildlife to survive, but we can help some of them out! By providing opportunities to eat to local birds (and subsequently squirrels), we help them thrive through the harsh winter months and brighten up our backyards in the summer! Thanks to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, we have some guidance on how to help this year!
  • Provide the Right Food - The various birds that inhabit PA during the winter are attracted to different foods. You can help them out with the typical bird feed, but you won't get the number of birds if you create your own mix. Guarantee a big draw with your own mix by combining sunflower seeds, peanuts and white proso millet seed so all types of birds show up.
  • Maintain the Feeders - Since there is a high likelihood that your bird feeders will see more activity over the winter season, you'll need to refill and clean them more often. Cleaning is necessary to dissuade any unhealthy conditions from hurting the bird population, as a disease breakout is possible without cleansing.
  • Clean Drinking/Bathing Water - While food is a big help, you can further help local birds by supplying some clean water as well! This will give them the ability to drink clean water and bathe on days that aren't too cold. You can also purchase a bird bath heater to prevent the water from freezing. If you're able, place the water near a tree so the birds can dry them following their bath.
  • Minimize Window Strikes - Birds fly into windows and it can be a great hazard for them, causing broken wings and sometimes death. Birds do not realize the window is an obstruction and attempt to fly right through it. Apply strips of tape or bird decals to the windows on the outside surface, or purchase bird netting to place over the window to protect them.
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Please remember that while it is okay to support birds and feed them during the winter, please refrain from doing so with other wildlife in the area, such as deer and raccoons. Please refer to the flyer below for more information on how feeding those animals can adversely impact their lives.
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