May Gardening in PA!
The outdoors hold so much possibility and endless time for hobbies, including gardening in its many fashions. The whole idea of gardening seems extremely straight-forward in that you plant seeds or plants in the ground, take care of them and they turn into beautiful plants that you can admire or even eat!

There are many benefits involved with gardening (for both you and the planet), that includes the following:

  • It can help your body fight disease with the intake of vitamin D from the sun!
  • Gardening can be considered an exercise per the CDC. Exercising helps to build strength, promotes healthy sleep and improves cognitive functioning in the brain.
  • Gardening can be a calming hobby, as those who gardened after stressful events were calmer than those who read a book.

See below for tips and tricks associated with gardening in Pennsylvania!
Having a great garden depends on a number of factors, but the timing might not always be obvious! With us starting May, there is a lot to be done outside and thankfully we have some great weather to do it in! Click the link below for a extensive guide to monthly steps!
According to the various gardening calendars for Pennsylvania, May is the perfect time to plant perennials! Not all perennials are made the same, and thrive in different climates, so see 13 of the best perennials to plant in our region!
If you're new to the gardening game, you might need some guidance on finding the right nursery to get your plants from. A reputable nursery could be the difference to a thriving garden and disappointment. When going to look for plants, make sure you keep a close eye on the products and analyze their health first!
If you're looking for a comprehensive guide regarding when to plant various types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, look no further! Use the link below and the various gray buttons halfway down the page to find when to plant your garden choices!
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