Saving Our Planet for Future Generations
The environmental impacts of invasive species are numerous and can completely change an area. The broad impact invasive species have is the reasoning behind restrictions on what we can bring back while traveling and why the import/export business is so heavily regulated.

Most locals have heard of a few big name invasive species, such as the Japanese Beetle and the Spotted Lanternfly, but there are many others you should be keeping an eye out for and reporting. These invasive species negatively impact native plants, animals and habitats, drastically altering the area that we call home.

Learn more about local invasive species in the articles linked just below and further down learn how you can help!
What Can I Do?
While all of this information can be a little overwhelming, helping fight against the spread of invasive species isn't too difficult! Help assist in the preservation of native species by doing some things listed below!

  • Learn about invasive species at iMapInvasives.
  • Once you see invasive species, report them to iMapInvasives. Every report helps conservation efforts!
  • Plant native plants on your property, allowing them to find a new home
to thrive in.
  • Don't overuse fertilizers! Some invasive plants thrive off the chemical imbalance.
  • If you find spotted lanternflys or gypsy moths egg masses, scrape them away and dispose appropriately.
  • If you see spotted lanternfly, you are always able to smash them and kids especially enjoy the practice!

Learn more about what you can do at the below articles!
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