Plant Trees in the Fall!
Planting trees has a number of benefits, from conservation, to adding beauty to your property, to feeling a sense of accomplishment as you watch it mature over the years. With summer coming to a close, it's a fantastic time to get outside and do some outdoors work, such as planting trees. If you haven't done so before, or are interested in having the best results, look into the websites below and grow the best trees possible by planting in the fall!
Planting Trees in Fall
Spring is always the assumed best time to plant trees, but Fall is also a fantastic time as well! Planting before the frost gives the tree enough time to build a foundation prior to Winter and makes your job easier as you don't have to water as much. Follow the link below to the Arbor Day Foundations website for why planting in Fall is a great idea!
Tree Care Tips
Just digging a hole and planting a tree inside doesn't guarantee that you'll have a healthy or productive tree. Some thought process and work should go into it for the best results in the long run. From thinking about the position of the tree, to proper planting and mulching, the link below will help guide you through the process of getting the best results from your tree!

Why Plant a Tree?
We all know the beauty that a healthy tree provides to an area. What are some of the other benefits that you might get though? The link below will give you nine other reasons you should plant trees!
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