Saving Our Planet for Future Generations
For years we've heard about environmental sustainability in various ways and each year, the necessity of implementing true steps to becoming environmentally sustainable grows. Environmental sustainability comes in many different forms, as items like the air we breathe, the food we eat and even the animals that inhabit the Earth with us all need to be preserved for the health of the planet. Some steps towards being environmentally sustainable are more known than others, such as the endangered species registry, ocean conservation and reforestation efforts, but there is so much more we can do. Obviously we all want to enjoy the benefits that the Earth provides, while also ensuring a good life for people in the future, but we must all take steps to do this now, as we can't delay!

Earth is a gift of hospitality, but we must remember to not overstep the graciousness of our host. See below for more information and how you can help us become more environmentally sustainable.
What Can I Do?
There's so many ways to help and many of them you may have already implemented since you've heard them before! Lend a hand to environmental sustainability and encourage others to join you in some, if not all of the ways below.

  • Use public transportation when possible
  • Reduce energy consumption (turn off lights, unplug unused items like phone chargers, reduce the temperature in your house slightly)
  • Grow some of your own food/tend to a community garden
  • Stop unwanted mail to save paper
  • Look into renewable energy and get tax credits for it
  • Choose paper bags and reusable water bottles instead of plastic

Learn more about environmental sustainability below and how you can put your best foot forward!
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