Local Wildlife and Our Relationship
You get up in the morning, peer out the kitchen window and see deer grazing, squirrels gathering nuts and birds flitting here and there. It's a beautiful sight, seeing nature in all its glory and we want to preserve that to the utmost degree. However, in order to do this, we must work together to avoid feeding human food to the wildlife that we see daily. By not feeding them, we protect ourselves and maintain their health so that they live happy lives and we can continue to coexist. Our decision to not feed the wildlife human food has far-reaching impacts, which can be extremely helpful to our area as a whole. See the links and poster below to learn more!
Please Don't Feed the Deer
The link below does a great job of explaining the various reasons that feeding local wildlife, specifically deer, can be detrimental. From disrupting the nature spectrum to developing unnatural behaviors, feeding the local wildlife can cause issues that you might not realize
PA Wildlife Value
Pennsylvania is graced by a number of animals that make our lives better. The article linked below breaks down how the local wildlife improves our health and well-being.
Conserving Deer
The Whitetail Deer is one of the most prominent mammal species in Pennsylvania. The continued observation and conservation of them has considerable impact on the state, other wildlife, and the locations where they reside. Read the link below for more information on how the whitetail deer impact the nature around us and why they're such an impactful wildlife in the area.
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