Winter Energy Tips!
Our winter seasons may seem to be warmer than in the past, but not warm enough to be comfortable without turning on the heat. With that said, we can still save energy and some of our hard-earned money by following the tips below! If you want more tips, click on the buttons at the end of the email!
  • Let the Sun Work - The sun is the reason life on Earth can exist, so use it to the fullest! Keep your window curtains and blinds open during the day to allow the heat from the sun inside your house!
  • Eliminate Drafts - Windows and doors are largely where heat escapes during the winter. Replace your old windows if possible, or caulk and weatherstrip problems areas so heat doesn't escape there. You can also cover windows with a clear plastic film to help prevent heat loss.
  • Fireplace Thoughts - Using your fireplace is a great way to heat individual rooms and create a cozy space. You must make sure that you're using good sized logs for the best results (4" - 6" in diameter) and that your chimney damper is closed when the fireplace is not in use.
  • Space Heaters - If you want to heat rooms that are used less frequently than others or a small space, try a space heater! With less ways to lose heat, they are energy efficient, provided you're not heating your whole house with them.
  • Keep Heat Where You Want - There are likely rooms in your home that are rarely used, such as guest rooms or storage. A way to conserve energy and only heat the parts of your house you need to is by closing the vents in the unused rooms and closing their doors. Remember to re-open the vents when family comes to visit though!
  • Use Your Ceiling Fan - This may seem counter-productive, but fan use during the winter can help keep your home energy efficient and warm! If you switch the rotation of the fan, you can produce an updraft on the fan and redistribute the warm air collecting up high!
  • Thermostat Settings - Thermostats can really help you save energy year round. You can set the temperature to the lowest setting you find comfortable and use blankets or clothing to stay warm. Another idea is to lower the temperature in the house when you go to sleep each night. You'll be comfy under the covers can you can save a good bit of money with the lower temperature overnight. Lastly you can purchase a smart thermostat that will change the temperature throughout the day based on your habits and time in the house!
  • Kitchen Option - You just finished cooking dinner at 350 degrees and now all that hot air has nothing left to do in the oven. Let it out! After you've used the oven, there's no reason to let the leftover warm air go to waste, crack the door and let it circulate!
  • What's Left? - Some options are smaller scale than the tips listed above, but can make a difference in energy savings. Don't overlook placing area rugs to help insulate your floors, making sure air vents aren't covered by furniture and using exhaust fans less so they don't blow the warm air outside!
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