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Welcome, AGent Plus Solutions, to the Whitewater University Innovation Center! AGent Plus Solutions provides affordable, naturally derived cleaning solutions that offer safe, lasting protection. AGent+ Cleaner & Protectants have harnessed the antimicrobial power of copper & silver to naturally protect against cross-contamination of E coli, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, etc. The latest episode of “WisBusiness.com: The Show” spotlights Jeffrey Lord of AGent Plus Solutions, who discusses its recent certification to clean SARS-CoV-2 surfaces.
Client News & Success Stories
Riemer Systems Releases Hallway Lock Box
Riemer Systems recently released a new Hallway Compliant Keyless Wall Mounted Locking Cabinet. The lock box was created for hospital hallways outside of patient rooms to improve infection control, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This lock box enables the medication storage close to the patient rooms, but still is out of the infectious zone.
JEDI Virtual Teams Up with Schools for E-Learning
The Burlington Area School District plans to return to in-person lessons in August, but has expanded its partnership with JEDI Virtual to serve families who don’t feel comfortable sending their kids back to school.
Scanalytics to Explore European Markets
Abu Dhabi-based tech accelerator Hub71 selected Scanalytics and 10 other global start-ups for its incentive program. Scanalytics is aiming to use Abu Dhabi as a base to explore European markets and to hire tech talent from UAE universities.
Blackthorne Releases Sentiment Indices
In alignment with their goal to be a world leader in alternative data analytics, Blackthorne recently released the Blackthorne Sentiment Indices (BSI) tracking sentiment in global equities, energies and metals.
Innoviator Institute at AFWERX-FUSION
As co-founder of the Innovatrium, John DeGraff was part of the Innovation Showcase hosted by AFWERX. The Innovatrium hosted an innovation workshop, participated in a panel discussion, and exhibited. The Base of the Future AFWERX-FUSION virtual event attracted 5,000+ attendees.
Restart: Thrive During Chaos
Restart is a guidebook to help small businesses shift their paradigm from simply surviving to thriving during times of chaos, like a pandemic. Restart provides small business owners a practical, step-by-step guide to THRIVE. View the recent WisBusiness Podcast here.
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Startup Success Q&A
How can I Qualify Leads?
Leads are not all created equal. Qualifying and prioritizing leads is an essential part of the sales process. BANT is one of the most well-known sales qualification frameworks.
Know Your Audience
Getting up in front of an audience is difficult enough, but it is even worse if you are derailed before your presentation begins. When you know your audience, you can tailor your content to speak to them, anticipate their questions, and deliver a proactive presentation.
GrowthWheel Business Advice
15 Minutes of Fame
With limited budgets for advertising, entrepreneurs benefit from free media coverage. Media coverage offers exposure to potential customers and partners. How can you get the media to take an interest in your startup?
From Nice Logo to Strong Brand
With greater brand awareness and recognition, it is easier to attract more customers and it is possible to set higher prices. How can we create a credible and authentic brand for our entrepreneurial company?
Upcoming Webinars
Ice House Entrepreneurship Program
Bizstart's Ice House Program is designed to develop your entrepreneurial attitudes and skills through real-world experiences. The program happens every Thursday morning at 9:30 am. It is free and virtual.
Could psychedelic therapy fight depression?
Treatment for addiction, depression and post-traumatic stress are among the targets of research into psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in so-called “magic” mushrooms. Learn how the Madison-based Usona Institute is a part of a worldwide research trend by attending the 10 a.m., August 25 webinar.
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