Fundamentals of Business Communication
How effective are your communication skills? How can you and your co-workers improve how you communicate?

Effective communication is key to business success. It enables collaboration and persuasion while also preventing unnecessary conflict. It is important to remember that being a good communicator takes continuous effort, and even the most effective individuals can benefit from periodic reviews of key concepts.

Join us for a discussion on the fundamentals of strategic & professional communication on Wednesday, March 18th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm at the Whitewater University Innovation Center. This event is free and open to the public.
Client News & Success Stories
Thankful for Our Clients & Affiliates
Thank you to all of our clients who choose to be part of the Whitewater University Incubation Program! For February 2020, we are celebrating 9 years with CESA 2, 6 years with JEDI Virtua l, 2 years with the Whitewater Grocery Co., and 1 year with Long Walk Media.
Continued Success for Whitewater Grocery Co. & Other Community Initiatives
The Whitewater Community Foundation will be hosting the 4th Annual Whitewater Civic Summit on Thursday, April 30. Whitewater has seen significant positive momentum in the community since last year's summit, including: the ongoing success of Whitewater Grocery Co., the continued growth of entities like the Book Teller and the Community Space, and many other initiatives.
Entrepreneurship Coordinator Creates New App
David Gee,Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at UW-Whitewater and Co-Director of UWW Launch Pad, is working on an app that focuses on mental health. Through the HUG app, people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issue will have a way to connect with mental health professionals who can provide help.
School Districts Find Savings with JEDI Virtual
The Marshall School District will host a statewide online charter school,  JEDI Virtual , through the 2022-23 school year. In exchange for taking a turn administering the program, Marshall’s $10,500 annual fee for collaborating school districts will be waived for the next three years.
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Awards & Competitions
Wisconsin Tech Summit
The Wisconsin Tech Summit brings together major companies and emerging firms in a setting that allows them to meet and explore likely business relationships around technology needs and innovation. Emerging companies may apply through Friday, February 14th.
Tech Madness
Wisconsin Inno hosts the annual Tech Madness contest to raise awareness of local startups and tech-enabled businesses who are growing and have raised funding. In March, the selected companies will be unveiled in brackets. The community then votes for the companies they would invest in.
Startup Success Q&A
Startup Financial Essentials
When you are working on your business plan or applying for funding, financial statements are crucial. You simply cannot justify your business without a solid bottom line. Investors, lenders, & grant committees need to know the numbers that illustrate business growth. Investors need to see the return on their investment and lenders need to see that you will be able to repay your loan. 
Which Funding is Right for My Business
A successful startup not only needs a great idea, but also the funding to make that idea a reality! Finding the right funding for your startup can be a challenge. There is no one size that fits all for small business funding. The best option will depend on your business. 
GrowthWheel Business Advice
Anticipating Your Next Challenge
When starting and growing a business, entrepreneurs face a continuous stream of challenges. When one hurdle is overcome, another challenge presents itself. Learn to predict and overcome potential barriers to growth. 
7 Different Ways to Develop Your Business
As GrowthWheel suggests, the real question is, “What kind of life do we want for our business and for ourselves within the business?” Business owners can select from seven inter-connected growth strategies to develop their business.
Managing Multigenerational Work Cultures
Tuesday 2/18/20 8:30-10:30 am
Harbor Shores on Lake Geneva

From traditionalists to Generation Z, the diversity of experiences, motivations, and communication styles offers both opportunities and challenges for organizational leaders. One size doesn’t fit all anymore, so how do you adjust to the different needs of a multigenerational workplace?
SHINE-ing on! Medical Isotope Firm Progress
Tuesday 2/25 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Madison Coliseum Bar & Banquet

Greg Piefer, founder and chief executive officer of SHINE Medical Technologies, will discuss SHINE’s journey from a campus laboratory to a potential world leader in the production of medical isotopes. SHINE is on track to produce a more reliable supply of Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), the most commonly used isotope in nuclear medicine. 
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