Member Spotlight: RoofMarketplace
RoofMarketplace is an online marketplace servicing the property insurance market. The purpose of the platform is to improve the claim process when roofs are involved.

RoofMarketplace joined the Innovation Center in May 2020. The entire RoofMarketplace team works remotely. The three co-founders started as remote and part-time and continued to keep the culture of remote work, and work-life balance, as the company grew. As they take on additional employees, more and more remote workers share that they “like having a place to go and to get outside of the house to work.”

The development of the team is the company’s latest and greatest achievement. According to
William Bazeley, Co-Founder & CEO, “it has been incredible to see the team grow from the three co-founders working our second part-time job for free to our 19th employee.”
Client News & Success Stories
Students Work to Combat Blindness
UW-Whitewater Enactus students work to combat blindness and empower women in India As Jason Jaworski explains, “You can give a cataract surgery for $25, for 20 minutes, and someone has their sight back in 24 hours, That’s the driving purpose behind our team.’’
Safepro Technologies Showcases Soteria System on Global Scale
The first annual Eradicate Hate Summit occurred in October in Pittsburgh, PA. Safepro Technologies was invited to present the Soteria System to showcase how they are working to keep our communities safe. The event was an incredible opportunity to showcase the Soteria System on a global scale.
AMA Regional Conference Features John DeGraff
The 14th Annual AMA Regional Conference in October brought together over 400 students from 30 universities all over the world. The students were able to attend virtually to watch keynote presentations, compete in competitions, and connect with companies at the career fair. John DeGraff, as a Keynote speaker, presented "Leading Innovation in a LinkedIn World."
Blue Line Battery Pitches at the Early Stage Symposium
Blue Line Battery was once again one of 23 companies selected to present during the Tech Council Innovation Network tracks at the Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium. The companies were selected from a larger pool of applicants by the conference steering committee, which included investors, entrepreneurs, service professionals and others familiar with Wisconsin’s tech-based economy.
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Startup Success Q&A
How To Craft a Business Plan
When you take the time to craft a business plan, you are crafting your business roadmap from where it is today to where it will be years into the future. Through research and planning, you are able to learn key lessons about the industry, your competition, and your assumptions. Planning is key for success.
Startup Financial Essentials
When you are working on your business plan or applying for funding, financial statements are crucial. You simply cannot justify your business without a solid bottom line. Investors, lenders, and grant committees need to know the numbers that illustrate business growth. Investors need to see the return on their investment and lenders need to see that you will be able to repay your loan.
GrowthWheel Business Advice
Getting Things Done -
By Delegating
There is not enough time in the day for an entrepreneur to accomplish everything they need to do. There will come a time when the entrepreneur has to delegate. Eventually, the business owner becomes a bottleneck in the company’s processes. How can you learn to delegate more?
Professional Business Processes
Entrepreneurs build businesses from the ground up. At some point, the entrepreneur will need to standardize the business procedures to make day to day operations run smoothly. How can an entrepreneur set up the right procedures to run daily operations smoothly?
Upcoming Events
Project Management Essentials: Must Know Tactics for Ensuring Every Project is a Success!
November 30, 2:30 PM - Online
Why does it seem like such a struggle to get our projects across the finish line? Why do project tasks always seem to take longer than they should? How do we manage and adapt to changing conditions that arise during a project? These are common challenges faced by anyone who leads or manages projects in their workplace.
First Steps to Starting a Business
December 1, 8, & 15 7:00 PM
Thinking of starting a business but don't know where to begin? Join us for our 3-part live-stream webinar: First Steps to Starting a Business. Taught by experienced business owners, the class covers the following topics: coming up with your business idea, prescreening your idea, market research, business feasibility, business model canvas, business plan creation, and financing.
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