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- The Animal Corner
- Upcoming Seminars/Events/Meetings
- Brand New Seminar Coming Your Way
- Who Is The Most Awesome In Your Association? 
- The Wait Is Over For The Florida Statute Organization Service!
- Did You Know?
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"Who? Me?" 
Why Every Member In A Community 
Should Run For A Board Position.
By: Nathan Knoebber, Marketing Representative 

In real estate, it is all about "location, location, location", and more often than not, that can be directly tied back to the community around that location.  When you think about a community many things come to mind. Too often most people think of a bad experience they might have had with a member of an Association's Board of Directors. These experiences can have the negative effect of ensuring that capable individuals will never even consider becoming a member of an Association Board out of disdain for one bad event. While sometimes tedious, a Community Association's Board of Directors serves a vital purpose to any community, and the value of being one of the members of the board making those decisions cannot be overstated.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our  Public Relations Department .
The Animal Corner


Who doesn't want a new furry friend?

"Something everyone can agree on - it's time to adopt! " Orange County Animals Services has an amazing deal on all pet adoptions for the entire month of July! All pet adoptions are only $10! this "includes the spay/neuter, vaccines and microchip identification." You can find a full list of all pets that are currently up for adoption by clicking here. In addition to this amazing deal, consider adopting through one of these year round promotions. If you are a First Responder or Veteran you can adopt for FREE. Want a relaxed pet that is already trained and perfect for endless cuddling? Consider a Senior pet from the shelter. Adoption of pets 7 years or older are also free. 
Upcoming Seminars/Events/Meetings

Our upcoming seminars and events are listed below.

The September 2018 Official State Approved Board Certification Class
Did you know that the Florida Legislature passed legislation a few years ago requiring every Board Member to take this class?  If you went off the Board for even a day, you must re-take the class.  Or execute an Affidavit stating that you have read and understand your Documents, the ramifications of non-compliance, and agree to enforce your Documents.  Make sure you attend this year's Certification Class to get the scoop on what is expected of you as a Board Member. 

Thursday, September 6  - Hosted by Clayton & McCulloh
Maitland Office, 1065 Maitland Center Commons Blvd.  Begins at 6:30 p.m. Senior & Founding Partner, Ken Clayton will be presenting a "COA/Co-Op Board Certification Class". This complimentary class includes appetizers and beverages.  Register here.

Thursday, September 27  - Hosted by Clayton & McCulloh
TDB: Brevard Location.  Begins at 6:30 p.m. Partner, Brian Hess will be presenting a "COA/Co-Op Board Certification Class". This complimentary class includes appetizers and beverages.  Register here.

Thursday, September 13  - Hosted by Clayton & McCulloh
TDB: Brevard Location. Begins at 6:30 p.m. Partner, Russell Klemm will be presenting an "HOA Board Certification Class". This complimentary class includes appetizers and beverages.  Register here.

Thursday, September 20  - Hosted by Clayton & McCulloh
Maitland Office, 1065 Maitland Center Commons Blvd. Begins at 6:30 p.m. Partner, Russell Klemm will be presenting an "HOA Board Certification Class". This complimentary class includes appetizers and beverages.  Register here.
Brand New Seminar Coming Your Way
A Must For Every Association With Or Looking For A Manager
This October, we are hosting a unique seminar that we have not seen presented anywhere else. It's our new "Selecting and Working More Effectively with Managers" seminar. This 1½ hour course prepares Board Members in the selection process of a manager. Among the topics covered are:
  • What questions to ask and how to conduct the interview
  • Screening your manager's (or management company's) background
  • Red flags to look out for
  • What a manager can and cannot do for the Association
  • Realistic expectations of your manager
  • Ways to work more effectively with your manager
  • Understanding your manager's role
Our Director of Public Relations, who has worked with numerous management companies and managers over the past 27 years, will host the first part of the program on selecting a manager. The second part of the program will be a manager speaking on how to more effectively work with your manager. This part of the class will feature a manager who does not service the area in which the seminar is being hosted. For example, for the Melbourne seminar, a manager who does not service the coast will be the featured speaker. The same for the Maitland seminar. This avoids any conflict of interest and provides the attendee with the comfort of being able to ask any question.

Also as part of this class, we will have an informal, round-table discussion on various facets of community association management. To register, follow the link to either location below:

TBD: Brevard Location
Thursday, October 11 
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Maitland Office,
1065 Maitland Center Commons Blvd.

Thursday, October 25
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Sign up now as space is limited!
Who's The Most Awesome In Your Association?

Board Members and Managers often work tirelessly with very little appreciation, but you have an opportunity to change that! Nominate your favorite Board Member or Manager who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for your Association.  The 3rd Quarter "Most Awesome" nomination deadline is next Friday, July 20, 2018. 

Use the buttons below to nominate a Manager or Board Member you know who has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty for your Association. Be sure to elaborate  so we know why your nominee is the Most Awesome!

The Wait Is Over For The
Florida Statute Organization Service!
Clients and Non-Clients
Get Yours Now! Limited Amount Available!

Yeppers! You asked for it! And it is now here! The Florida Statute Organization Service. Through the years, our clients have requested copies of the Florida Statutes in a presentation format and we have now answered their call. There are four books:
Homeowners Association (Chapter 720)
Condominium Association (Chapter 718)
Mobile Home Park (Chapter 723)
Cooperatives (Chapter 719)

Each book features a custom forest green binder with gold inlay. Chapters are tabbed and each page has been placed in a sheet protector. The books include the various Statutes relevant to the particular book's community type plus a bonus of numerous educational, legal information articles on the basics of operating your Community Association.
These articles include the following topics:
Amending Governing Documents
Covenant Enforcement
Fiduciary Duty of Board Members
How to be a Director
Annual Meeting
Marketable Record Title Act
Complimentary annual updates to the books will be provided electronically by request on the 15th of September and January of each year. The cost of each book is $69.23 (includes tax). Order yours today through our website using the button below.

A limited number of books will be available at each of our Community Connect Chats this year. We regret that we cannot accept credit cards or cash at our seminars. Checks only at our seminars, please.

Size upgrades are available (at additional cost) if you want more space to add your own  notes or even your Association's governing documents.  

Did you Know?

Clayton & McCulloh has a Rehabilitation Letter Service. 
Associations routinely find that they have been lax or inconsistent in enforcing covenant, condition, rules or regulations ("Rules and Regulations") of the Governing Documents.  Unfortunately, the Association's ability to proceed with enforcing such Rules and Regulations may have become problematic.  However, all may not be lost, and the Association may be able to re-establish its rights to enforce such Rules and Regulations. To bolster its right to enforce its Rules and Regulations, we recommend that we draft a "Rehabilitation Letter" for the Association to send to each of its owners and occupants.  While the purpose of the letter is much more involved than will be described herein, in essence, the letter apprises all the owners and other  occupants that they can no longer rely upon the Association's past failure to enforce violations or infractions of its Rules and Regulations as a justification for future or continuing violations or infractions.  The "Rehabilitation Letter" endeavors to "restart the clock" such that the Association will be well-positioned to timely, uniformly, consistently and properly enforce its Documents thereafter.   As you might guess, this is a very popular service for Associations that have not been diligent in enforcing their Rules and Regulations.  This is a situation where the Association can obtain a "big bang for the buck."  Additionally, we find that the Rehabilitation Letter also assists with another one of our recommendations, which is to always attempt to build and foster the credibility of the Association. 

All of our fixed rate services have been designed for Community Associations such as yours.  Please understand that these legal services are offered as fixed rates and/or deferred fee services, but our clients are not required to use these services.  These services were created to save the Association money and to provide certainty to the cost of various commonly needed or requested legal (and other) services so Associations could better budget for some commonly needed legal services.  If you would like more information on any of the specific services discussed, please call or e-mail our office and request more information about that service and what services are rendered.  Remember, you are under no obligation to purchase any fixed fee packages.  We do not generally require a mandatory retainer for our Community Association clients.  

For more information please contact   our Director of Public Relations, Arlene Ring, at   (407) 875-2655 x129.

Quote Of The Month

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