Bite-Size Blog #22 -- J. Morris Hicks

The only people who "need" to eat fish

    J. Morris Hicks
...are the people who live in a place where they would starve to death if they didn't. No one needs to eat fish from a nutritional standpoint. A few points to keep in mind:
  1. Most people think that we need to eat fish in order to get enough omega-3s in their diet, but there are much better sources; more to follow... 
  2. There are also many things in fish that we don't need: excess fat, cholesterol, pollutants and animal protein, the "favorite food of cancer."
  3. All forms of fish consumption, wild or farmed, are detrimental to our fragile environment.
  4. As of August, 2015, farmed fish exceeded the world's total consumption of captured fish for the first time, and that is no bargain for the environment. See graph below.
  5. As for fish farming, one of my earlier blog-posts addressed the horrors of aquaculture. The public is being told that it is "green" and sustainable. Not true, it is A Sad Solution to an Unnecessary Problem
  6. Back to omega 3-s. You probably don't need to eat as many of them as you think. As Dr. Campbell says, if you eliminate animal-based foods, your levels of omega-6 will drop, meaning that you need fewer omega-3s to keep your body in balance from an omega standpoint.
In millions of tons per year. Source FAO/United Nations. As of Aug. 2015, Aquaculture exceeded Wild Capture for first time.

The Bottom Line. This is a grossly unsustainable situation. Do yourself, the fish of the world and our planet a favor--and find a health-promoting plant-based source of protein, omega-3s and calories. Your descendants will be glad that you did.

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