March 2014
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Who Am I? 


By Karen Chaudry, LCSW 

"Once I knew, I began to feel different. And as I began to feel different, everyone knew." -Adoptee Amy Martin from the book Pieces of Me, Voices for and by Adopted Teens.

Adoptees often grow up feeling different from their peers.  Some describe feeling like there is something missing, like a puzzle without all the pieces. During the middle school and teen years, these feelings can be particularly intense. It is during these years that all kids are beginning the important work of identity and self-concept development. It's hard for all kids, but can be particularly stressful, and painful, for adoptees who don't have all the information necessary to form their identities.

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March 28 at 9:00AM
Navigating The Social Scene
Guilford Elementary School

600 W. Poplar Rd. Sterling, VA 20164

April 11 at 9:00AM
Bullying and Cyberbullying
Stone Hill Middle School

23415 Evergreen Ridge Dr, Ashburn, VA 20148

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Dear Cathi 

Increasingly we receive calls from parents concerned about their child's gender identity. They have questions about how to best parent a daughter who insists she is in the wrong body, or a son who prefers to wear feminine clothes. They're worried about their own confused feelings regarding how to validate their child's experience even if they themselves don't understand it or feel positively about it. The fact is that no parent expects their child to be gender nonconforming or transgendered, or knows how to navigate this unfamiliar territory. 

This section on the Gender Spectrum website is an excellent resource that provides parents a plainly worded, objective summary of the issue of gender identity, the questions it raises for families and how to handle the pressure on the child to conform.

Cathi Cohen, LCSW, CGP 


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