Who Am I Becoming?

A Reflection

How do we who have already turned to Christ “give ourselves up to his personality?"

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Psalm 2-3:

How To Pray In Crises

Bruce Waltke

How should we pray in a crisis?

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Being Led & Transformed By The Holy Spirit

Tom Tarrants 

Being led by the Holy Spirit is at the heart of the Christian life. But how do you do that? 

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What Does It Mean To Have New Life In Christ?

Dawn Treader Moments

Easy four-part Bible study with questions to share with your family. 

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Travel and Learn With Us!

C.S. Lewis Institute presents

Biblical Study Program in Israel

October 8-20, 2023

Join CSLI for a biblical study program in Israel this Fall! We will explore on-site the land, culture, geography, and archaeology of the biblical world in Israel with an aim toward personal spiritual growth in the areas of biblical study and discipleship. This will be a study program and will provide enriching commentary and teaching on biblical events and culture as we see first-hand the history, beauty and ruggedness of Israel where our Lord Jesus lived, died and rose again.

Space is limited, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis!

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Side B Stories

Episode 59: The Mystery of God - Ken Boa's Story


Former skeptic Ken Boa put aside his childhood faith and became a secular humanist who tested his philosophy through psychedelic drugs. After an agonizing search for meaning, he came to believe in the reality of God.


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Tools and Thoughts to Start Your New Year

Monthly Resource

Do you have a New Year's resolution?

Instead of only making the standard New Year’s resolutions to lose a few pounds or exercise more, let’s allow Christ to fully make our lives new this year!

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Gifted Christian apologist Rebecca McLaughlin and author of the new book, Jesus Through the Eyes of Women: How the First Female Disciples Help Us Know and Love the Lord, will help us see how the Gospels provide us a view of women which sets them free to reach their fullest potential and find true freedom and hope. This is a free pre-recorded interview, click here to register!

January Local Events

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Central Pennsylvania

CSLI-Central PA presents Living Out Our Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture

Join us for an evening with Dr. Mark Farnham for a special community lecture where we'll explore how Christians can confidently and winsomely live out their faith amidst a changing culture. Come to be encouraged and equipped. Click here to register!




CSLI-Annapolis presents The New Creation and World of Work

Join us for a presentation with Drs. Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing that will provide biblical encouragement and practical teaching in how to think about and embody our faith in our places of work. Click here to register!

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