Cup of Empowerment
May 28, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word

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Who Am I and What 's My Purpose?
By Christine Fredette
(and a word from Dr. CarolMarie following)

The revelation of why you were created and knowing your purpose is a wonderful gift from God the Father! If you had asked me a year ago if I knew why I was created and if I had a close relationship with the Father, I would have positively said yes, and truly meant it. Yet, after a turn of events over the past nine to ten months I can honestly say I had self-installed blinders on my spiritual eyes as well as my perception of my relationship with the Father.

Due to some serious health issues, I became overwhelmed and anxiety brittle my thinking. I certainly did not have the Mind of Christ at the onset of these events. My whole life changed and I 'm not too proud to admit I WAS SCARED!! As days went by I continued to pray and memorize scripture. I prayed for all the anxiety and health issues to be taken away. I prayed...Please! Please! Please! I wanted God to hear me and rescue me. I started feeling like my prayers were powerless. I was feeling like my prayers were sounding like that little saying we would say as children; "I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight." Where was the boldness I heard I was supposed to have when I prayed? You know...." The move that mountain over there" boldness? I wasn 't feeling it. I was frustrated and sad! I wanted the Father and I wanted Him badly!

After about a month my daughter gave to me a journal with the words, "My Happy Journal" on the cover with Snoopy dancing under the words. I told God it was going to be my prayer journal. He gently said He wanted it to be His praise and thanksgiving journal. I was OK with that...After all He is God! So, I figured I needed to find a prayer journal, so I could tell Him all my troubles and all the troubles of those for whom I pray. He said, "No. All you need is my praise and thanksgiving journal. I 'll take care of the rest." I wondered how that was going to work. I thought He wanted to hear about all my prayers/pleadings/requests. Again, because He is God, I listened. 

I started writing in the journal and praising Him for who He was and thanking Him page after page for my blessings, healings, family, friends, and the endless other things I have for which to praise and thank Him. Then a few days into it I stopped and asked if I could pray and ask Him to do something. You know, to pray like I always had before. He said I could praise Him and thank Him for His answer to what I wanted to ask Him. So, I did just that. It felt awkward at first. Wow! Then I realized a few pages later the very thing I had praised and thanked Him about had been taken care of perfectly. Better than that which I could have ever asked. What????? Was this for real? So, I have continued to praise and thank him for the outcome of situations according to His perfect will and His perfect timing. I can honestly show in these journals the many, many miracles the Father has done without me uttering one word about the problem.

I now KNOW the Father inhabits the praises of His people! (Psalm 22:3) When I align with God 's will and timing and don 't concern myself with praying my agenda, I am at peace in God and have an intimacy with the Father I never knew was possible. Dr.Charles Stanley stated in a devotion, "Having faith in our prayers is not the Goal. The object of our faith is the Lord. If we set our hearts on our own desires, we 've just transferred our faith to our agenda. Praying in faith means surrendering our rights, complaints and desires to the Lord and resting fully in His sovereign choice in the matter. As we align our request with His will and purpose, we will begin to see His power displayed." The Father has shown me that faith is to trust Him. I can trust Him to know what is on my heart, to know my needs, to know my desires. When I am intimate with the Father, there is no need to pray those things because I know He loves me and will take care of me. I can trust Him!

If I trust Him in who He says He is, I can trust Him in who He says I am.
  • The Father loves me! His word says, "Because of His great love for us..." (Eph 2:4)
  • I am called of God to be the voice of His praise. (Psalm 66:8)
  • I have no lack for my God supplies all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19)
He also tells me to remind Him of all the prayers He has answered and all the amazing things He has done in the past. I praise and thank Him for being so amazing!

One evening I asked my husband if there was anything he would like me to start praising and thanking God for regarding him. After a moment he said his health, which was rapidly declining. I started praising and thanking God for resurrecting his good health. I saw events take place over the next two weeks which were bringing good health to his body. He says he feels 20 years younger. God is amazing! The journals are filled with miracles after miracles like this.

So, who was I created to be? I was created to be a child of God and He loves me! What was his purpose in creating me? To be in relationship with Him intimately. To Praise Him and to give Him thanks! Psalm 100:4 says we are to, "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Thank Him and praise His name." I praise Jesus for being our way maker and making it possible for us to be in relationship with the Father again. Praise God!!
Christine and her husband are partners with Anna's Gate and it's our honor to agree with her in prayer with praising!  One of our resources that have been a special blessing is the 2 CD set "Scriptures Personalized".  T he CD on Courage combats fear with scriptures accompanied by the violin.  The other CD releases healing scriptures accompanied with piano.  It's easy to praise God when you know what He has promised! Praise is simply agreeing with God and choosing to believe what He has said is true!  I encourage you to fill your home with His Word as well and get a journal in which to write your praises! As you see God take care of what concerned you, (by focusing on Him and not the problem), please share with us at    
(Dr. CarolMarie)


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