We all have preconceived ideas of who we are and how others view us.  But because we're so close to and involved in our own lives, it's nearly impossible to see what other people see.  Are we really coming across the way we think we are?  

Our psychological defenses, and even our own biological instincts, can block awareness of what is really going on. Most people are aware that they get in their own way, but incorrectly believe it is an easy fix that naturally occurs with intention. It takes a specially trained, seasoned professional to diagnose, artfully bring to your awareness, and create the conditions for change.  This kind of work is akin to going to university about yourself, your relationships, and how you cope with difficult circumstances. 

I'm sharing this article,  Reclaiming Feminine Values in the Workplace , with you because it starts to describe the practice of "reconstructive" work - how behavior and personality can be truly changed from self harming and even dysfunctional to healthy and self actualized. Think of it as a “make-over” for your psyche.  This is what I have been doing with my clients for several years with very successful results.  

Let the Reconstruction Begin

Reconstructive work doesn't just allow you to handle and cope with unpleasant feelings, states of misery or confusion, or provide concrete skills.  It allows your self awareness to grow by leaps and bounds so that you can clarify your emotions and see how they are affecting your decisions.  You will identify your long-term relationship patterns and see how they are impacting your life today, even within your daily interactions with others. When this valuable data comes to your attention, it will help guide you to clarity and make better decisions.  Unconscious behavior (yes, that eye roll you do or that snarky tone in your voice) becomes valuable information that can change your relationships, your work life, and even your financial situation.

Male or female, I'm sure many of you can relate to "Carol's" story or know someone who identifies with it.  If reconstructive work sounds intriguing, call me at 347-306-3454 for an appointment to explore how it can work for you in your life.