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What Hollywood Celebrities Faked Their Deaths

Hollywood Blood Contracts

Even the #RedPillers will be #RedPilled with this article. Just when you think the #2020GreatAwakening can't shock it again, it does shock you again.

My first shock was to find out that everyone in Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry is an #InvertedTransgender. They are living their lives as the opposite sex.

Then I found out many people are #WearingMasks and pretending to be someone else. Now I find out that many people that we thought were dead -- are actually alive.

If you still support the #MainsteamMedia after this -- who actually put out all these lies -- you need your head examined.

What Is Really Happening

The Global Financial Reset was a military operation to help bring us into the #GoldenYears (Gesara & Nesara) -- a new era, which has been activated so this is all anyone should actually be watching and studying at this time.

This is 'uncharted territory' so it's important that you study the terms of Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (U.S.) as we transition into this NEW WORLD.

Donald Trump was recruited by the military to help us go into this new era and as part of his mission as a businessman and economist, the goal also was to attempt to wipe out Sex, Human and especially Child Trafficking and Pedophilia.

In the Golden Age, there will be provisions in place to monitor those better who are involved in 'Crimes Against Humanity,' but we had to attempt to clean it up -- once and for all.

Up until now, you have been living with lies your entire life. The #Mainstream #Mockingbird Media has been lying to you your entire life.

The TV was created by the CIA (all 3 letter agencies are bad) and Hollywood to keep you distracted so that you would not want to live your own life -- but live your life through others.

In the 1930s and 1940s, they were able to use the TV/media as a form of mind control on the general population. It worked too! This is how they have been getting you to do things your entire life.

They have been pulling your leg and fooling you for years. The media is nothing but a Weapon of Mass Distraction (WMD).

Will Learning the Truth About These Movie Stars and Entertainers Be Enough to Wake up the Sleepers (aka 'Sheeps')?

Since 2020 and up until now -- I am researched out and I can't really tell you the real reason that these Hollywood Celebrities and Entertainers have faked their deaths. But many have.

I can only guesstimate. It might just be a part of their acting contracts and yes many Hollywood Celebrities and Entertainers -- do play many, many roles.

When people find out that many people in Hollywood or the Entertainment industry have faked their deaths, maybe some will come around and #WakeUp and understand really how sinister this world is.

Will this be the last straw to wake up the #Sleepers aka the #Sheeps? Maybe. Some of your favorites that you cried over and thought had passed over have been walking this earth plane for years -- while many of you are still mourning their deaths.

Others such as the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes, and Joe Biden are no longer with us. James Wood and Jim Carey are just two of the Hollywood Actors that have been playing Joe Biden.

Hollywood Blood Contracts

In order to gain fame and fortune, when you enter Hollywood, you had to sign Blood Contracts.

Once you sign a blood contract, you could not change your mind. If you did -- you had to leave the #WorldStage and run in the middle of the night or they would come after you.

Many movie stars and entertainers had to disappear in the middle of the night and go into hiding because many had signed the Hollywood Blood Contracts with the satanic elites.

Remember that not all the elites (aka 1%) are satanic or evil just like many of the men in churches (aka Priests) are not pedophiles.

By signing Blood Contracts, these movie stars and entertainers were saying that the elites could take the life of a close family member when it came around to them -- in order for them to have even more fame and fortune.

Jennifer Hudson, who was born a male (#Transgender) gave up her family in a blood contract in order to have even more fame and fortune and so did Kanye West when he gave up his mother.

None of us know what really happened. We only know what the #MockingbirdMedia told us because they are a big part of all this Hollywood deception.

Remember that Hollywood owns mainstream media and academia and Hollywood and the elites run the world so the world is being run by Satanic Pedophiles.

Even after sacrificing their loved ones these movie stars and entertainer's fame and fortune could only last for so long. They had to disappear and create another life. They could no longer be on the #WorldStage.

It happened to many movie stars and entertainers right in the middle of their stardom. They had to pretend that they had passed over.

Many Others Were Running from the Elites

Many others like JFK, Sr. and Jr., Princess Di, etc. left for safety reasons because they were running from satanic elites, who actually run the world. Many are also known to be in Witness Protection programs.

Mask-Wearing in Hollywood

This is why #MaskWearing became really popular in Hollywood especially over the last few years. You can go into any restroom in Hollywood and put on a disguise especially a mask in 5 minutes and be whomever you wanted to be.

This is how movie stars and entertainers have been fooling the masses for years. This is also how racist police officers and other white supremacists have been taking the lives of black people, especially kids, by wearing masks in black neighborhoods and killing people.

Many believed it was a 'black-on-black' crime, but many times it would be undercover police officers and other white supremacists wearing a black mask.

These black masks are always sold out so who is actually buying these masks?

Movie Stars, Entertainers, and Especially Rappers in Caskets

You have seen these movie stars and entertainers in caskets, in ambulances, or lying on the ground.

Many times these were dummies or people wearing masks such as in the case of George Floyd, who is still alive.

Many rappers have also resurrected themselves from the dead. After many die, their families are able to raise almost half a million dollars with accounts, so these rappers are very rich in their deaths.

Some receive this money and reinvent themselves into another person. Sometimes they are wearing masks and might be playing as many as 4 to 5 different roles in Hollywood or the Entertainment Industry.

Conscious X on youtube has been researching these rappers for years and he has a good handle on how and why they are doing it...simply for even more FAME and FORTUNE.

Who is Who in Hollywood? #HollywoodDeception

Most of these movie stars and entertainers were actually born the opposite sex and are #Transgenders so it's easy for many of them to disappear and become the opposite sex.

Then they force their children to also live as the opposite sex. They raise their girls as boys and their boys as girls.

With all the mask-wearing, it's extremely hard to tell who is who especially when it comes to the rappers, but again, watch youtube shows with Conscious X.

According to Conscious X, there is a video of Miles Garrett, who looks just like a younger and heavier Kobe Bryant.

Did Kobe go off somewhere and gain weight or is Miles Garrett wearing a fake suit? They both are basketball players and Miles Garrett wasn't on the scene when Kobe was alive.

But many believe Kobe is in a Witness Protection program because of the lawsuit he was filing against Big Pharma.

According to Conscious X, Don King might be Martin Luther King, Jr. They both are around the same age and neither was on the scene at the same time and they both have the same last name (King) and they both look strikingly similar and Don King might be wearing a mask.

JFK, Jr. is now JFK, since JFK, SR. died in 2021. That was a clone that was shot in the head.

Elvis is Pastor Bob Joyce, which looks and sounds exactly like Elvis, so he did not die on the toilet like the #MockingbirdMedia told us.

Michael Jackson, Prince, John Denver, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Janis Joplin, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Sono Bono, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, Selena, Paul Walker, Evel Kinevel, John Ritter, Steve Irwin, Michael Landon, Andre the Giant, Natalie Woods, Jackie O, Carolyn Bessete Kennedy, JFK, Jr., JFK, Sr. died in 2021, Elvis Presley, Karen Carpenter, Heather O'Rourke, Anna Nicole Smith, John Candy, Jane Mansfield, Robin Williams, Davey Jones, James Dean, George Michael, Princess Diana, Tom Petty, Chris Farley, George Carlin, Bob Marley, Tupac, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Brittany Murphy, Rush Limbaugh, Jim Morrison, etc. are still alive and I heard that Whitney Houston was standing behind Trump when he gave one of his latest speeches - the one before the Ohio speech.

Rodney King isn't dead and the Rodney King incident never happened. That was a white man they were beating.

The O.J. Simpson incident never happened. Nicole Brown is Megyn Kelly, a news anchor. I doubt if that was him driving the vehicle and I don't know if he was even in jail.

Again, all we had were the #MockingbirdMedia and a #KangerooCourt playing this scenario out.

Katy Perry, who was born a man (#Transgender) is Jon Benet Ramsey so she never died. Again, we were just listening to the #Mainstream #MockingbirdMedia.

Morgan Freeman is believed to be Jimi Hendrix. They look strikingly similar. It is heavily rumored that Michael J. Fox, who was born a female, doesn't have Parkinson's. They do things and say things to play on the heartstrings of people.

Marilyn Monroe is alive and was born a man (#Transgender). I suspect it would have been easy for many people to go off and live the sex they were actually born with.

I am sure though that many had regrets later on changing their sex -- especially if they had surgeries.

Many people had said Joan Rivers (who was born a man - #Transgender) was still alive because some of these disguises that these people use are worthless and many can't change their voices. They have these distinctive voices.

They, the #MockingbirdMedia told you that Robin Williams, who was born a female (#Transgender) killed himself. Not true. He never died and many people are saying that he is one of the people playing the role of Bill Gates, Kevin Kline, and other movie stars so when they die they just go into these other roles.

However, they try to give you a sob story to play on your heartstring about these movie stars and entertainers. That is what they do.

Also, the role of Bill Gates, who was born a female, is also being played by photographer Annie Leibotivz.

Bill Gates and his wife died years ago. They were murdered/hanged by the Indian people after killing many of the countries' children with vaccinations.

No one ever went to the moon. They landed in the Nevada desert. The challenger never blew up. They had an escape hatch and all of them lived to be old.

The Rosa Parks incident never happened. It happened to another lady but the NAACP sent in Rosa Parks to reenact the incident.

Columbine and Sandy Hook School Shootings never happened. Those were all #CrisisActors.

This deception is so blatantly in your face. My research only goes so far. Whether you believe these or not -- it's up to you to do your own research.

Your Action Plan to Cut Movie Stars and Entertainers Out of Your Life - TURN IT OFF!!!

There are many people still alive that are not featured or mentioned in this article and at this point, it doesn't matter.

The problem because they have been #TVWatchers their entire lives, many people think that they are related to these movie stars and entertainers and this is why they have such a hard time when they die or when they think they have died.

Therefore, there is no way that you will be able to get a majority of people to turn off their TVs. These movie stars and entertainers give them a warm and fuzzy feeling and they are not willing to give that up.

Who knows the real reasons why these Hollywood movie stars and entertainers chose to live their lives away from the #WorldStage after becoming FAMOUS IN HOLLYWOOD -- and at this point -- WHO CARES?

Many of these people needed to live their lives off the #WorldStage anyway because of their destructive habits as told to you by the #MockingbirdMedia. This was nothing but entertainment. They were playing characters and acting for the masses.

They have used and abused you. TURN IT OFF!!! We need to totally shut them, along with mainstream media, out of our lives completely.

Remember as we transition over to the #GoldenAge, no one will be better than the next person and we simply don't want to continue living our lives through these movie stars and entertainers.

No one in the Golden Age will be drooling over these insignificant people -- because that is what they are -- just a bunch of insignificant, untalented people that Hollywood put in your face on TV. TURN IT OFF!!!

Cut Out Mainstream Media

I know many of you have your favorites that you have followed since the close-down and many of these individuals were able to help you transition into this NEW WORLD. These are the people and the platforms that you need to support.

Now, do you see why you should never trust MAINSTREAM MEDIA again? Stop listening to them and turn the TV off or put it on gardening and business shows on youtube.

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