Who Gets Alerted When A Door is Open?
With businesses improving their security and monitoring systems, it's important to understand the door security and monitoring needs of each facility. There are products available for just about every need. From local alarms, to door hardware with electronic technology that is integrated into a broader, existing security/monitoring system. There's a solution for every opening.

Local Alarms
This type of product is ideal in small buildings where someone is in the general area of the door and can get to the door quickly, or when an economical stand-alone option best fits the need.

Stand-alone, local alarms typically use magnetic sensors, and can be either powered by a battery or hardwired.  This alarm style can be used for standard alarm applications, a door prop alarm for doors that are meant to be closed after use, or a combination of both. Battery powered alarms cannot be integrated into a larger monitoring system, and are meant to be used as a stand-alone item.

Remote Notification
Remote door open/closed notification is typically utilized with a larger, broad security system, when door monitoring needs to be done remotely.

Electronic hardware is used when a larger, more complexed system is the goal. Door hardware devices typically integrate into a monitoring system in a variety of ways electronically. Door hardware that utilizes electric latch retraction, electric strikes, or a combination of both, can be used in a broader system, and with a door monitoring panel, the open/closed state of each door can be visible where necessary. There are products available that combine a local alarm and electronic functions for remote notifications. These products will need a power supply and a door monitoring panel. Monitoring panels are available is a variety of sizes to fit the needs of the facility.
Did You Know?
Detex offers a number of products to alert staff to an open door.

Advantex EA
Advantex EBxW
Value Series EA (V40 and V50)
Value Series EB (V40 and V50)
Value Series EBxW (V40 and V50)
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