November 20, 2019
From our Friends at Dayton Right to Life
Margie Christie, Executive Director

Who keeps Women's Med Dayton open?
These 4 Doctors
As with any other piece of information, the “devil is in the details”. Many of you have asked about the doctors who are listed on Women’s Med Dayton's latest variance.

As you may or may not know, Women’s Med Dayton, (also known as Women’s Med Center on previous license applications) has never been able to get a written transfer agreement with our area hospitals. For this reason, they must submit a variance request which much be approved by the Ohio Department of Health as part of their license application. This variance requests lists, in this case, 4 doctors who agree to back-up Women’s Med Dayton’s abortionists at a local hospital should one of their patients require care.

The most recent Back-Up Services agreement submitted to and approved by the Ohio Department of Health lists the following local doctors:

Please click on the links to learn more about these back-up physicians. For more information on this topic and more, please visit this website: .

This website explains why a transfer agreement is necessary--read below. It is important to understand why we have these laws. The question is, why doesn’t Women's Med Dayton want to follow the law? 

Written Transfer Agreements – What’s the Big Deal?

The pro-abortion lobby has traditionally argued that abortion must be legal to ensure 'patient safety' and avoid so-called dangerous, 'back alley' abortions. Yet when Ohio enacted the requirement for a written transfer agreement on abortion clinics (and all other ambulatory surgical facilities), the abortion lobby decided that this was superfluous 'red tape' created by state bureaucrats.  According to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio , 'the required transfer agreement is medically unnecessary; all hospitals are required by law to treat any patient having a complication at any outpatient health care facility. These transfer agreements are just a bureaucratic scheme to close clinics.'

This is a misleading statement. It is true that almost every hospital in the United States is  required by law  to provide necessary emergency medical treatment to anyone, even those without insurance. But such laws were enacted for the protection of patients who are in true emergency situations, such as vehicle accidents or heart attacks. They were never intended to relieve from responsibility those physicians who perform major surgery, such as abortion, in ambulatory surgical facilities. Those physicians should be held to a higher standard for the benefit of their patients, hence the requirement for a written transfer agreement. So Wright State Physicians, by their contractual relationship with Women’s Med Center, have simply allowed his abortion business to continue, without providing any additional benefit to women.

We are encouraged by all the phone calls and emails regarding this latest setback. You can be assured that Dayton Right to Life will never be deterred or discouraged. We will resolutely push on for the protection of women and their unborn children until this facility, and every other one like it, in Ohio is closed.

Thank you for continued support and prayers.

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