Wow. It's November. I know many of us are saying, "Thank God! When will this year be over???" Looking back on 2020 makes me want to curl up in a ball and hibernate with the bears, honestly. Who could have imagined back in January, February, what would happen in our world? Who knew what challenges were lurking just beyond our sight?

Well, in talking with J.T. and the other High Guides and Helpers, we all did.


Are you kidding me? I would have done things a lot differently if I had known, I tell them.

"But you did. And you agreed to be a part of this dynamic energetic shift, and you said you couldn't wait!"

I wanted to call a big ol' B@LL$H!T on them, but I knew I couldn't. I know enough about why we have these incarnations, and our intregal planning and design of events, to know they were right.

We all signed up for this. As nuts as that sounds, we all gave a big thumbs up to coming in during this time to experience this chaos in its finest form.


Because you are a highly evolved soul who wants an extra special learning experience! And you want to help your fellow earth travelers see their Divineness, no matter from what walks of life, religions, persuasions, cultures, genders...

How do I know this? I know this because you are reading this. You were selected (and even volunteered) to be here in 2020 to be an active participant in the SHIFT.

No pressure.

So what does this really mean for you? It means you have the unique opportunity to CREATE the world in which you want to live. You have the POWER to change your reality, and to MOVE lower energy out of your life. I know this might seem daunting, because, after all, how can one person affect change like that, right? You might be surprised to learn that just you alone have enormous energy force.

It's all about the heart. It has been shown that the electromagnetic field around the heart is much more expansive than that around the brain. The heart is how we communicate with the Universe, and with everything within our Universe. So, you have to ask yourself, what is in your heart right now?

To shift and create your new reality, you feel it in your heart first!

Do this right now:
Say, "I am loved. I am abundant. I am safe."
Now, what does that feel like? Create the feelings of love, abundance, and safety, and feel it in your heart right now. Really bring it in!
You are loved. You are abundant. You are safe.
Hold that feeling in your heart.
Now, imagine that feeling spreading throughout your entire being. Hold that in your body, every cell, every molecule.
Now, spread that feeling out into your room. Fill your room with that feeling.
Now, spread that feeling out into your town...I am loved, I am abundant, I am safe.
Now, spread that feeling throughout your state....then the country....now the world!
Wow! You just sent love, abundance and the feelings of safety to all of your fellow earth travelers!

Yes, it is that simple.

Do this exercise every day if you can. It will help shift your energy, preparing you for the next evolution of energy shift on our planet, and you will be helping others in the process. Remember, we are all connected.
And yes, we all knew.

No matter what happens over this next month, keep focused on what you are creating by your thoughts and feelings. Shift it using the exercise above when you feel you are slipping into the abyss. And, as always, if you need any help with this, J.T. and I are here.

Have a beautiful November! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, Nov 11th, 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern

In this special meditation and instruction, on the 11-11 Gateway, we will activate the Alta Major Chakra, and learn to use this chakra for access to the higher frequencies and realms. We will also talk about how to protect this area. Since this is a gateway, we need to be diligent in our intentions about the energies we allow to connect with this chakra.

Cost: $22.22
Saturday, November 7th and 14th, 12p Pacific, 1p Mountain, 2p Central, 3p Eastern

This class is for current Master Practitioners who would like to learn how to teach Holy Fire Reiki to others.

​Pre-requisite: All candidates for the Master Teacher Class should be using Reiki for at least six months and have a Master Practitioner (Level 3) Certification issued by the Psychic Center of Northern Colorado.

This is also for those who are currently Usui Master Teachers who want to upgrade to Holy Fire Master Teacher

Cost: $500

Monday, Nov 16th, 23rd & Dec 7th, 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern

Workshop for Levels 1 and 2.
1st class: Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Level 1 – you receive one healing symbol, open your psychic channels

2nd class: Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Level 2 – you receive 2 healing symbols for emotional/mental issues; long distance healings. Connection to Source increases exponentially with each symbol.

3rd class: Practice

Class size is limited!

Cost: $300
Monday, January 4th and 11th, 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern

Receive the Usui Master Symbol, a very powerful symbol used to amplify Reiki energy, and how to send continuous Reiki energy via a World Peace Reiki Grid. You will also learn how to use Holy Fire in your healing sessions.

This is also a great class for those who are Usui Reiki Practitioners (at least level 2) who would like to upgrade their Reiki energy to Holy Fire.

Cost: $225
Monday, Nov 30th, 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern

via Zoom


In this meditation we will use the full moon for intentions, and connecting to the Crystalline Grid for preparations for the holidays, and finish the year with intention!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern

via Zoom

$75 without deck
$100 with deck

Please note, the Channeling J.T. Oracle Cards deck is required for this class. You will have the option to purchase a deck and we will ship it to you before the class if you do not already have one.
Holiday Gallery Readings
via Zoom
When: Friday, December 18th 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern

Cost: $20 per person
Join me for an evening of Crossing the Bridge – Holiday Connecting to the Other Side Gallery Readings.

The holidays can be the roughest time of the year if you are missing someone near and dear to you.

Is there something you wish you could have said to your loved one before they passed?

Do you ever wonder if they see what you are doing now?

Have you received signs and messages from them and just want to know they are OK?

We miss our loved ones when they pass. We wonder where they are and what they might be doing now. Are they watching over us? Did they "make" it?

We will answer these questions and more during this very special holiday event.

Please note: Video is required to participate. Also, not everyone in attendance will receive a reading. This is a gallery style reading, so your loved ones choose who will receive readings.
Want a Guaranteed Reading?
Host a Holiday Zoom Party!
Everyone gets a reading!
If you want a guaranteed reading, host a Holiday Zoom Party!

Minimum 4 guests, maximum 6

Cost per guest: $50
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Zoom parties are an hour to two hours in length depending on the number of guests, and each person gets a 10 to 15-minute reading of your choice–psychic, loved one who has passed, past life, or life purpose.Your party guests obviously can log in from anywhere! What a great way to see one another, too!

Video is required so we can see each other, so everyone has to have a good internet connection and use a smartphone or computer.
J.T. pulled the Light the Way Card.
Here is his message for this month:
The world might appear very dark right now. It might appear as though the light around you has extinguished. This is an illusion, Dear Ones. You are the Light. Your Light can never be extinguished or sheltered. Now is the time to step into your power and shine brighter than you have ever in the past. Your world needs each of you to stand up and say, "I am the Light! I am shining so others can find their way!"

No matter what happens this month, remember the illusion. Remember this is a critical time for humanity. You are not helpless. You are the Great Power and Light. You make a difference by smiling, caring, showing compassion, sharing love. All of these qualities are desperately needed right now.

And if ever you feel you have lost your way, or your light is dimming, call on us to help! We see you as you are, the beautiful Divine Everlasting Light. You are never alone! We love you!
J.T. also wants you to remember that whenever you use his cards, the Channeling J.T. Oracle Cards deck, he will be there with you. Hope you can join us for the oracle card training in December! For more information on J.T.'s cards, please visit https://channelingjt.com/cards/
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